Friday, June 27, 2014

tl;dr (June 2014 Edition)

I know, much neglect at the ye ole blog over here.  Janine at Home Joys inspired me to link up with Jenna at Call Her Happy for this cliff notes version of my June 2014.  Read here if the letters "tl;dr" are foreign to you.  (Don't feel bad, I didn't get it either.)


Somehow, I went to sleep on May 30th and woke up today with 3 days left to the month.   How did that happen?  Oh, my job... yeah that pesky little thing.

May 22-25th:   New Orleans for the Child Life Council's Annual Conference on Professional Issues

May 27-28:  I took a group of teens down to Baton Rouge for 4-H Day at the Capitol.  The event was cancelled due to rain, but we were already halfway there when we found out, so we made the trip anyway.

June 2-4:  Local meetings and trainings for upcoming events, basically out of the office and backlogged something major.

June 9-13:  4-H Camp in Pollock

June 17-20:  4-H University (state conference for teens) in Baton Rouge

June 24-today:  Finally, I can breaaaaaaaaathe!  (For now, anyway.)

High points?
- Alex came with me to 4-H U as a chaperone, so we were able to avoid being apart for two weeks in a row.
- My mom and brother were also at 4-H U; it was practically a family reunion.  Ha!
- Alex and I spent almost every Saturday enjoying the pool at our gym.  We also treated ourselves to pizza and binge TV, as much needed detox time.
- Jamberry is going well!!  Despite my lack of time, I've been promoted once already this month, and I'm crossing my fingers it will happen again before the 30th!

Low points?
- Major stress for my psyche in all things that needed to be done this month.
- No summer vacation for the Edwards birthday/Valentine's concert tickets will go unused (wanna buy them???), much to my very, very disappointed self.
- July will be crazy too...

Dang, it doesn't look near as crazy in writing as it felt.  How about some pictures?

Maybe I shouldn't size these so large, the major lack of sleep is showing here...

Photo booths are still "in," apparently.

11 years worth of delegates to National 4-H Conference from my hometown!!
(Minus just two people who were missing from this photo-op reunion.)

10+ years of friendship and still going strong!

There you have it...June.