This here blog has been around for a while...over 6 years to be exact.  In all that time, a lot of growing up has happened for this girl.  Some of you have been following along since the beginning, and others are new to the party...SO, I picked out a few highlights from each year and shared some pictures to go along with the memories.  The BLOGline is what resulted. 

-Worked on perfecting my wifey skills
-Set goals and checked them off my "20 in 14" list

-Took a new job and moved to Monroe, LA
-Found a new passion for blogging
-Planned our wedding
-Married my love

-Started the big girl job search
-Landed my dream job
-Moved to Little Rock, AR

-Got cracking on the torture later known as my thesis
-Worked as a tour guide in Washington, DC
-Spent another summer at camp
-Started graduate school in Raleigh, NC
-Spent the summer working at a camp for children with special needs
-Worked as a Child Life Intern in Boise, ID for the semester

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