Thursday, July 24, 2008

Not dead...yet.

"My name is Lauren and I know what I got...I got a camp that's HOTTER than HOT!"


I'm not dead. I promise.

...Just at camp...which may as well be the same thing. Joking?

Yeah...I promise I'm alive, and one day I'll write all about it.

Until then, send me some mail. Please?? *Puppy dog eyes*
Camp Bon Coeur
Acadian Baptist Center
1202 Academy Rd.
Eunice, LA 70535


Monday, July 14, 2008

That Time of Year Again

Welp, it's that time of year again...time for CAMP BON COEUR!!

Yep, that's right. I'm leaving today for CBC Staff Training at Lake Fausse Point. We'll be there until Thursday, at which point Allie, Kayleigh, and I (maybe more?) will be returning to my house for our evening off. Friday, it's back to camp again, this time at our real camp location, the Acadian Baptist Center. We'll be doing more training and preparations until the kids arrive on Monday, July 21st. The camp session concludes on August 1st, and staff leaves the following day.

It's been hard to get excited for camp this year, probably because I've been so darned busy. I am excited, however, to be seeing all of the out of state staffers!! Kayleigh (Ohio), David (New Jersey), and Rebecca (Georgia) will be coming to camp for the first time in two years. It'll also be great to see Meaghan (Missouri) and Domenic (Ohio). We're sure to have a grand ole BLAST! :)

Alrighty, I must go. Got some last minute details to attend to before heading out to the camp office.

See you folks latah!

P.S. Send me some mail; I promise I'll write back!! (The address is in a previous blog; just make sure to put my name and "Camp Bon Coeur.")

Friday, July 11, 2008

Globe Trotter.

Now I remember why I haven't updated my LiveJournal in six months...Catching up when you're behind is a pain in the butt. However, I promised I'd keep up with this blog, so that I will do. Here goes it.

  • 4-H Camp. (June 30-July 4)
After finding out I'd be off during this week, I offered my services as an Adult Leader at 4-H Camp. However, Vermilion Parish had an overabundance of adult volunteers (as always), so they didn't really need my help. Jeff Davis Parish, on the other hand, did need an adult leader; for this reason, I spent the week with an amazing group of Jeff Davis 4-H'ers. :) It was a bit strange to be at camp with, but not with, Vermilion. The Jeff Davis group was very welcoming, though, and I really did have a good time. (It was also great to finally spend time with my family. ...Sad that I had to go to 4-H Camp to actually see my mother and brother. First time in a month, last time for...about just as long.)
  • Cross-Country Road Trip, to Boise (July 4-10)
I left very early Friday morning from 4-H Camp to meet Kim and her family, as we headed out on our cross-country road trip, final destination--Boise, Idaho. The trip took two and a half days, driving for 18 hours on both Friday and Saturday, and then 6ish hours on Sunday. This made for a 38ish-hour drive, total? Overnight stops included Dumas, Texas, and Ogden, Utah. The trip wasn't bad at all--in fact, I could have gone on for much longer. (Of course, I wasn't driving, lol.)
Upon arrival in Boise on Sunday morning, we got the keys to our new apartment! It's small, but the closests are huge and we absolutely love it!! The first few days in Boise were spent shopping for furniture and stocking up on all the staples (food, cleanings supplies, etc.). We also did a few touristy/relaxing things like hanging out with Joey, riding the bus downtown, and going boating at Lucky Peak Reservoir. I even went knee boarding and played Rock Band for the first time. It was such a blast! Can't wait to head back up there in September, yay.
My first two flights home-bound were great. It was actually the very first time I wasn't at all anxious to fly. (For some reason, I get anxious when flying, but not really nervous, sick, or upset..don't ask.) I had a feeling that the day was going to go well and everything would be fine. It was a lovely feeling, really. Up until I arrived in Houston, all went as planned. Chris (Nowicki, my personal travel agent/Georgia 4-H friend extraoridinare) called to say that I owed him big because he scheduled my itinerary to exclude Minneapolis and Atlanta, as there were major delays at both airports.
Unbeknownst to us, flight delays would become a part of my itinerary, as well. Yes, my plane was first delayed 40 minutes (not sure why), and then, as we were beginning our trek down the runway, the pilot announced that there were "maintaince issues," and we'd have to pull back in for repairs. As it turned out, the repairs would take too long, so we de-planed (?) and were sent to a few different gates before finally being assigned a new plane, scheduled for departure two hours later than originally planned.
OH! I have to mention that I randomly bumped into Rachel DeCuir, a fellow Ste. Anne (French immersion) Alumni 2004, at the Lafayette airport! Rachel just returned two weeks ago from a year in France, and was then returning from some time in Quebec. It was so random the way we met up with each other, but amazing, all the same. We did some quick, "What are you up to, where are you coming from, how's life," sort of stuff and then departed ways. As is the trend, we're both super busy, and continue to enjoy life as regular globe trotters. :)
I finally arrived home at 11 p.m., too late for the delicious rice and gravy that Nanna had waiting for me. Sadly, I settled for some peach yogurt and half an apple, checked my e-mail/Facebook, and collapsed into bed for an amazing night's sleep, in a real bed for the first time since Saturday. Nice.
I'm home for a few days before CBC Staff Training and Camp. It'll be nice to spend time with the family; we are just so danged busy. Maybe I'll even get a chance to upload some photos to Facebook, for the first time in...nearly two months? (Don't hold your breath.)
Anyways, I'm heading out to ABC early tomorrow morning; "Mer Ben" is giving an Archery Training for the new staff members, and I'd like to be certified as well.
Have a good weekend everyone,
PS: Leave a comment/message if you'd like me to send pictures of our new apartment. They'll be posted on Facebook...eventually.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Route 66. (Not really.)

Bye, bye 4-H Camp.

Hello wide open highways.

We're 900 miles into our 2,100-mile road trip to Boise, Idaho. [18 hour drive, thus far.]

High hopes of making it to Salt Lake City by tomorrow (Saturday night) and Boise on Sunday afternoon...?

Plans to have internet in our apartment by Monday.
Will try to write something...someday.

Getting my kicks...on Route 66. (Not really.)