Saturday, May 23, 2015

A little hello.

Hello friends!

Even though it's been radio silence around here, many of you may have noticed that I'm still lurking in the background...reading/commenting on your blogs, and via Instagram.  I have, however, mostly given up Facebook except for logging in once a week or so, and skimming what's going on in the world that way.  (Disclaimer: I log into my work FB account more often, but there is nothing interesting to see there, so I say it doesn't count!)

Oh and for those of you who don't know or may not even be aware it exists, (thanks to Amy) I joined the Catholic Women Blogging Network (closed group) on Facebook, and that has been pretty neat over the last month or two.  It's kind of one centralized location that all of us Catholic bloggers can ask questions on technical blogging issues, share thought-provoking posts, or just say hello from time to time.  If you're not a member and are interested in joining, be sure to let me know and I'll send you an invite!

In others news, there's not much interesting to share on this end, but I do miss writing and I miss connecting with friends like you on the regular.  Hopefully, I'll be able to write more regularly soon, but life happens so no promises.  For now, I'll just share a few pictures (albeit, poor quality and all from my phone) of what we've been up to lately.


Birthday month!!  Early in the month, Alex did some traveling for work, so he started leaving these daily notes and this particular photo gave me permission to sit on the couch, drink wine, and watch whatever I wanted for as long as I wanted (well, while we was out of town anyway, lol).  Yes, I know I still owe you all that hilarious birthday video I promised.  It will happen!


Alex skipped a work trip to go with me on my work trip.  But before we went out of town, we were able to attend this fun event hosted by the ULM Alumni Association.  We went two years ago and had a blast; last year he was out of town, so I insisted we find a way to attend again this round. 

Taking a break from all the "work" on our work trip, Red Mango froyo was the perfect dinner after stuffing ourselves with a pizza buffet over lunch.  

I joined the Fitbit world!! A late birthday gift, I was thrilled to finally get my One and start tracking my steps.  Mucho disappointed by my regular step count, I get the greatest thrills out of reviewing my sleep stats.  These things are the best!

Crawfish, lots of crawfish.  I'm almost embarrassed to admit that while I like boiled crawfish, it is not my favorite.  However, my sweet daddy doesn't know that so he managed to get me some delicious mudbugs, not once, or twice, but three times this season (after Lent, of course!).  I'm holding out for those beautiful blue crabs he and the hubby are planning to catch for me tomorrow.  Boiled crabs are my jam, ya'll!


Yet another work trip.  But this time I got to accompany Alex to Little Rock and boy did that make my heart oh-so-happy!  (For those of you who don't know, I lived there full time for a year and a half and spent three summers before that working at a very special camp for kids with disabilities.)  First place we stopped when we got to town?  Purple cow for milkshakes of course!

And when we found ourselves with a little time to kill due to baseball rain delays...we went geocaching!  This Humpty Dumpty find is probably one of my all-time favorites.  So fun.

Also, world domination!

Okay, just kidding.  These adorable little candy packets were part of a Pinterest project for my graduating seniors.  I'm not sure they loved them as much as I did, but...better than gifts of cash or gift cards (because, awkward).  

And finally...after a 19 of 29 consecutive hours spent at the ballpark, BASEBALL IS DONEEEE!!  I love me some baseball, really, I do...but four months of NO days off for the husband (and a lot of times, myself too) really gets old.  This was not a celebratory little "blue mountain", it was a "SHOOT ME NOW, WE HAVE BEEN SITTING HERE FOR THREE HOURS WATCHING PAINT DRY" beverage.  We can sum this season up in one word - delay.  So.many.rain.delays. But alas, it's OVER!!  On to...summer! (Well briefly, I go into hard core work mode here in just about two weeks...blergh.)

Sooooooo...there ya go.  I know, a lot of Instagram repeats but there really just isn't very much interesting going on for us (the bane of our existence, for sure!).  So, if I spend a few more months lurking instead of writing, just know - it's not you, it's me.  ;)

Enjoy your long weekend, everyone!