Thursday, October 29, 2015

Fall in Love with...Alex (GBB Vol. 4)

I can't believe it's been 7 months since Alex has taken over for a "Guy Behind the Blog" post!  He asks to post every once in a while, but schedules get in the way and we tend to miss the link-up with Betsy.  But not this time!  Volume 4 is a "fall" edition, so cozy up and settle in to learn a little more about the guy behind Here We Geaux.

1 // We’re headed into fall, which means cooler temps for most of us…are you a warm weather or cold weather kind of guy?
Cold ... Because It is easier to bundle up and pull layers off... In Louisiana in the summer, the heat and humidity is brutal, and one can't simply take off his/her skin.

2 // What's the best Halloween costume you've ever worn?
This one takes a little bit of explaining... In undergrad, I went to a Halloween party dressed in a blue sweatshirt and sweat pants with cotton balls taped to me and a super soaker water gun... The end result ... I was partly cloudy with a chance of rain - and anytime someone asked what I was, I told them and sprayed them with the super soaker.
(Side note from Lauren:  Is this not the most hilarious thing ever?? I don't know how I'd never heard this story before, but I love it.)

3 // What's your favorite Halloween candy? 
Candy corn. Hands down.

4 // What are your favorite parts of fall (ex: football, the weather, Thanksgiving, etc)?
The weather, though I am not sure it will ever get cooler here again... Thanksgiving is always good, I like to eat and then lay on the couch for a few hours... My birthday, though I am turning 31, so the years are starting to increase rather quickly, sorry to be a debbie downer.

5 // How do you feel about pumpkin spice lattes? (As a joke question hahaha)
Not a coffee guy, so I have no feels.

There you have it, a little snippet from the guy behind this blog!  Is there a man in your life?  If so, you should totally consider handing over the reigns every once in a while (or month, heh) and linking up with Betsy for lots of fun.  

Until next time.

Friday, October 23, 2015

7 Quick Takes...of Anger (Vol. 15)

Instead of rambling about what I've seen in the news or updates on what's going on in my life, I'm going to do something a little different with this post.  I'm in a foul mood this week, so I'm going for "takes" on topics that are really just pissing me off (sorry for the language) at the moment.  If you're new here, come back soon for something a little more positive. ;)

Hiring managers (or designated person in department reviewing applications, scheduling interviews, etc.).  It is really annoying that prospective employees are expected to follow 8637 rules about applying for jobs, performing in interviews, and following-up afterwards, when prospective employers don't provide the same value of respect to applicants.

A few simple tips, people:  Acknowledge receipt of applications.  Progress through the process in a timely manner.  Get back with people ASAP.

We get it - $h*t happens - and timelines never go as expected, but for the love of everything you-know-what, don't just leave people hanging!  These are real humans, with real families, and real lives you're affecting here.  Be respectful.  If I can process 200, 30-page volunteer applications, acknowledge their receipt, and respond to applicants (let them know what's missing, schedule interviews, etc) in the span of about 6 weeks, you can manage to contact 30 (and often times, much less) people in a timely manner.  It's really not that difficult!

The "all in His timing" or "the timing must not be right" comments.  It doesn't help, NEVER helps.  If someone is waiting for something, this type of comment NEVER makes a person feel better, or helps the situation in any way.  And, this is universal - doesn't matter if the person is trying to conceive, looking for a new job, seeking a potential spouse, etc. - no one gives a flip about timing.  We all so desperately want something, need something, and to comment as though timing has any part in the emotions of it all has zero positive effect.

So, please, next time you're trying to soothe someone, choose your words wisely.  Say, "Yes, that SUCKS," or "I am so sorry you're experiencing this,"  and even "I wish there was something I could do to make it better."  Do NOT say, "It will happen when the timing is right."  Acknowledge the pain, the difficulty, the frustration, etc.  Or hell, don't say anything at all.  A random act of kindness goes a long way too.

Mothers.  Not you, mothers in mother, my husband's mothers.  You have children, you've been parents, you should know better than to stress out a pregnant lady, especially your own daughter (in-law)!! Quit whining about your own "needs" and consider the fact that your requests, emotional waaah waaah waaah's are doing more harm than good and benefiting neither you nor the young mother-to-be on the receiving end of your requests.  In fact, it probably makes her less interested in communicating with you than before, and will result in you pushing her away rather than feeling closer. Good luck with that one, woman.

Weight management.  Everyone has issues in this department, right?  We all walk that fine line between too much and too little and good gracious that is stressful!  Last week, I was told to gain all the weight.  This week, the scale tips up 4 pounds and I freak-the-heck-out.  It probably lied anyway...but even two pounds in a week is scary when you could go 0-100 in no time! So, I pretty much have a hate-hate relationship with the scale at the moment.  Likely more to come on this in future posts... (Week 24 Bumpdate is just a little over a week away.)

People who don't follow through. It seems like I deal with people on the daily who just do not care to follow through with commitments, deadlines, etc.  And the worst part is that it's no big deal to them!  It must be a cultural thing or something, but seriously.  If I'm supposed to be somewhere, I will be on time or send notice otherwise.  I always keep important deadlines (even if I make it happen at the last minute).  How hard is it to be respectful of other people's time and effort?  Really, it's not.  I am surrounded by people who don't value these things and my goshhh it is so exhausting!

Hardwood floors.  This one is for the sake of randomness, courtesy of my husband (I asked for ideas to complete this list of 7).  I know I'm in the extreme minority here but I really do hate hardwood floors.  They are so gross - the little cracks are impossible to clean, and the flat surfaces always end up covered in gunk that won't go away.  They're also cold, hard (hence the name), and not cozy at all! If the area is not appropriate for carpet, at least go the tile route because those can at least be cleaned without an act of Congress (still cold and hard, though).  Needless to say, I will never buy a home with hardwood floors ever again.

Okay, take a deep breath because the rant is over (for now, hehe).  This week's Link-toberfest question is..."What was your most popular Quick Takes post?"  After a quick scan, it seems my very first post received the most hits, so I guess I was boring and everything went down hill from there.  If you're still reading today, thanks a million! 

And because this is could probably sum up this entire post and have saved you the 8 seconds it took to read...


You're welcome, everybody!  Have a great weekend!

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Dirty 30: Memories with Christy

It's time for another entry in my Dirty 30 series!  Christy celebrated her big 3-0 exactly a week ago, and she's more than deserving of a special spot in this series.

Christy and I met in February 2009 as we settled in for a semester of working as Program Assistants (fancy term for DC tour guides) at the National 4-H Youth Conference Center in Chevy Chase, MD.  She and I, along with seven other 20-somethings from across the United States shared a residence that semester, and boy did we make some great memories.  I blogged fairly often that season, so feel free to hop around and catch up on any of my posts with the following tags: DC, Warren Hall, tour guide, or internship (though some may be sprinkled with posts published before or after my stent there).

Currently, Christy lives in southwestern Ohio and works as a 4-H Educator and County Director in the area. An Ohio native, she received her bachelor's degree from THE Ohio State, and Master's at Purdue University.  Aside from her time in Washington, D.C., Christy has also briefly worked in Texas and Wisconsin before making her way back home to Ohio.  She occasionally blogs over at Traveling Soul.

Without further ado, here are some of my favorite memories with Christy:

30 Memorable Moments with Christy
  • Studying for the DC Tour Guide exam - 200 questions and even more pages worth of material to memorize.  Suffice to say we were all relieved when that was over
  • Hanging out on "the meranda."  Forget relaxing on the balcony of our three story Warren Hall, it was called The Meranda.  
  • Throwing notes to each other over the cubicle walls. 
  • To celebrate my first-ever official snow day, Christy taught me how to build a snowman!
  • ...And then we spent the afternoon sledding down the hill behind our residence on lunch trays from the Clover Cafe. 

  • Exploring Bethesda.  Whether it be an evening walk, or Saturday stroll, Christy and I made the two mile trek to Bethesda on the regular.  Restaurants, shopping, and even neighborhood parks were all a part of the fun. 
  • Playing Mardi Gras, eating King Cake.  When my mom sent me a care package for Mardi Gras, everyone went crazy for the goods.  Christy was most interested in learning about the traditions, and of course, enjoying the delicious king cake.
  • Watching J referee an ice hockey game at the world-renowned Chevy Chase Country Club.  To this day, one of the most bizarre memories I have from that whole experience.  It was my first ice hockey game (I didn't even know kids actually played ice hockey) and my housemate was the referee.  I think the parents in attendance were equally confused at wondering who the rowdy college-age bunch was and what we were doing there in the first place. 
  • Training Week scavenger hunt.  Our first real experience navigating DC on our own.  We barely even knew each other at that point.
  • Turning someone else's cake into my birthday celebration.  Leave it to your roommates/coworkers/poor (basically) college students to snag leftovers from a client's party cake and shape the icing into your initials so you could celebrate your 22nd birthday.

  • St. Patrick's Day Parade.  When in Rome DC, you partake in all the festivals...because, DC!
  • Cherry Blossom Festival - parade, pictures, pampering. 
  • Running up the down escalator.  Yep, you read that right. And no, it's not as easy as it sounds.
  • Warren Hall Olympics. When you live with 8 other 20-somethings from across the country, the entertainment possibilities are endless. 
  • Our day trip to Baltimore...trapeze school?!

  • Magaritas as big as our heads, on more than one occasion.
  • The Warren Hall water fight.  While I didn't partake, it was quite the view from the meranda that day. 
  • WMZQ Fest.  What could be better - great weather, 11 country music performers, and a girls day trip to Virginia??
  • P.A. Adventure Day:  lunch at Ben's Chilli Bowl, touring a real row house, and going to the top of the Washington Monument to celebrate before the new kids moved in. 
  • Paddle boating on the Potomac.  Again, because DC.

  • Leaving our mark in the concrete.  One day we're going to return and see if "WaHa '09" is still there.
  • WaHa Reunion weekend.  A year and a half later, 7 of the 9 original housemates reunited for an entire weekend...epic indeed. 
  • Pondering life at the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden. 
  • Playing leap frog on the National Mall. 
  • Showing you around N.C. State as you pondered grad school options. 

  • Letting you take shots for me during my bachelorette party. 
  • Sharing Nanna's gumbo with you. 
  • Hearing stories of your trip to the marsh with Stu Daddy while I got pampered for my big day. 
  • Watching you have a great time at our wedding. 
  • Reuniting with you nearly two years later at our work conference in Minneapolis, MN. 

While most of the memories Christy and I share took place in the Washington, DC, area, we still maintain regular contact (thanks, Voxer!!) and Christy remains one of the most loyal friends I have ever met.  Her "Dirty 30" celebrations involved last-minute free concert tickets to see Garth Brooks last weekend, as well as a spur the moment reunion with one of our DC housemates as he dragged her to a wedding in Indiana this weekend. I'm sure she'll continue the celebrations on her trip to Portland for a work conference next week.  Christy, I wish you all the best for many years to come!

Happy Birthday.

Love, Lauren

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Seven Quick Takes (Vol. 14)

Back again to continue with the Link-Toberfest party over at This Ain't the Lyceum!  I may be a day late with this post, but it's NOT a dollar short because the link-up is still open.  :)

This week, Kelly is asking about my favorite blogger I met through 7QT and to be honest, I don't ever remember how I "meet" certain people.  If I had to make a guess and pick one or two bloggers that I *think* I first came across through 7QT, I would say Amy at All for Heaven's Sake and Rosie at A Blog for My Mom.  No hard feelings anyone, I'm making guesses here!

If you follow me on Instagram (@geaux_lauren), you have probably noticed I'm posting lots of food pictures lately.  Between loving on eMeals and "project-gain-(healthy)-baby-weight," food is high on my list of priorities at the moment.  My OB gave me a "come to Jesus meeting" on Monday about how I haven't gained any weight (in fact, I haven't even made up what I lost in the first few weeks) and it's going to get serious if I don't start putting some poundage on soon.  She said she never has to have this conversation with people, and I told her I certainly never would have guessed that I'd be the one on the receiving end of it either.

I feel like I'm eating, not hungry, and doing fine, but after reviewing some materials from a dietitian friend of mine (who is also pregnant), the fact of the matter is that I probably am not getting enough calories.  My diet has become healthier, especially on the snack front, and for this reason I really do need to make an effort to increase my caloric intake.  However, I'm committed to not eating crap for the sake of calories, and so things like avocado toast and peanut butter banana roll-ups are happening over here.

I won't waste your time rambling about the "busy" of this week's schedule, but after an overnight trip to Baton Rouge for a work meeting, it was SO nice to take the day off with Alex on Friday.  The poor guy has been working for basically 7 days a week since August and I'm super glad he was able to take a break with me yesterday.  And, we got a ton of things done!  We got the oil changed in both of our cars (one for free), had our cars washed by someone else (for free!), picked up a new harness for the dog, had (free) lunch at McAllister's, started registry research via Kohls/Toys'R'Us/Target, scored 4 adorable receiving blankets (for free), and still found time for a nap before taking in a ULM volleyball game and topping the night off with (free) ice cream cones at Dairy Queen.  Can you tell I how much I love free?  It was truly the perfect day and I hope it won't be too long before we can find time to make it happen again!

HUGE THANK YOU to Stephanie, Hannah, Megan, Jen, and Amy for sending information on the necessities of baby gear.  I printed all of your comments and will be using them to base our research in creating a registry.  Don't be surprised if I check back in again to ask about brands or styles as it relates to some of those bigger ticket items.  The options are endless and it make a big difference to hear from someone who is living in the trenches of using these items on the daily.  Again, thanks!

Remember how I mentioned LSU planned to roll out the red carpet for USC fans last week?  Well, they really did go all out.  In the days that followed, articles from South Carolina fans raving about their positive experience in Louisiana circulated on the internet like wildfire.  Here's one particular letter that struck a cord with many.

Two of my friends had birthdays this week, so it's worth giving them both a shout-out.

Congrats, Christy!!  She celebrated her 30th birthday on Wednesday, the 14th.  As tradition here on the blog, I've been working on a fun little "Dirty Thirty" post to celebrate her big day, but it's not quiiiite ready just yet.

Happy Birthday, Lendy!  On Thursday, the 15th, Lendy celebrated the big 3-1.  Lendy, I wish you all the best and hope you were able to find time in your crazy schedule to drink some good coffee, deviate from the fitness diet like a good Honorary Cajun would, enjoy crisp autumn air, and cuddle with your pookie baby.  Miss you!

Umm may be late October but we are still finding ourselves with 90+ degree temperatures and no end in sight.  It seems like it it hasn't rained since June and we've been under a burn ban for what has to be about two months now.  On Thursday, we broke records (previously 91 degrees) at 94 degrees, and some areas nearby reported temperatures near 100.  While the lack of humidity is AWESOME, I wouldn't mind if the cooler weather would stick around for more than 24 hours - that mess is just a tease!  Just wait, we'll be picking out Christmas trees in shorts again this year...

Until next time, ya'll!

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

What's on My Table?

Right around the time that Alex was starting with his hectic football season schedule, I was winding down my first trimester but still relying pretty heavily on him for preparing meals.  Then, Sheena over at Bean in Love mentioned eMeals and I knew I had to check it out.  A pick-up-and-go meal plan for the week, complete with an organized grocery list, and budget-friendly cost was just what the doctor ordered!

We've been using eMeals for nearly two months now and I have to say we love it!  There's so much more variety in our diets and we definitely feel like we're eating better.  The food is delicious, and most recipes are super easy to follow, and every meal includes a variety of vegetables and/or compatible side items.  If you're more adventurous or have specific dietary needs, you could always forgo the budget-friendly plans and pick something more exciting like kid-friendly (lol), 30-minute meals, or even paleo if you're really out there.  :-p

With eMeals, we get to eat delicious meals like this - Asian chicken pasta salad.  YUM-O.
As I told one of my friends a few weeks ago, I'm 90% satisfied with eMeals and the the 10% dissatisfaction is all a matter of user error.  We're still trying to make it through a week without forgetting something at the store, or misreading a recipe to the point where I use double of an ingredient that was intended to be halved for two recipes.  Yeah, FAIL.

I do have a few complaints about the inability to really customize a printable based on the create-your-own meal plans (an advanced feature one might choose to use after trying a few weeks' worth of plans).  We really prefer printing hard copies of all the weekly plans and working off of paper notes at the grocery store, but the create-your-own is only accessible via the app.  I will say, the projected grocery cost for the first few weeks wasn't accurate since we had to purchase a bunch of staples (seasonings, primarily) that we didn't already have on hand.  These days, the projected costs are pretty darn accurate - and would be more so if we shopped at one of the stores featured by the company.

There is also no way to indicate preferences for certain style meals (other than changing a meal plan) or to say that you really didn't like a meal an don't want to receive it on a future plan.  Weekly plans are guaranteed not to repeat again for 6 months, so we haven't repeated anything yet, but I do wish there was a way for the company to take into consideration our preferences before sending our plans each week.  My hope is that eMeals will continuously improve their service as it gains in popularity and these customization features will someday be available for use.

Turkey and Black Bean Taco Salads.  SO GOOD!
...Like I said, we really do love the program!  Initially we signed up for the 2-week free trial and agreed to a 3 month subscription, but I wouldn't be surprised if we decided to splurge for the year once the initial period.  The annual cost of just $5 a month is really a great deal!  I promise I haven't been asked to write this post, BUT if you do want to give it a try, there is a referral and affiliate program, so please e-mail me first and I'll get you all set up!

So, what's on YOUR table?


Note:  Affiliate links are included in this post.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Seven Quick Takes (Vol. 13)

Back again with 7QT in hopes of following through with my goal to earn all.the.entries. for Kelly's Link-toberfest!  And, (as if it weren't totally obvious by the title), this is officially the thirteenth time I link-up for 7QT with all the fabulous ladies out there!  Can't promise this will be an exciting one, but it's here, so that counts right???

To follow up from last week on Olya's 5 Favorite Recipes You Should Try this Fall, I made the Pumpkin Crumble Mini Breads...twice.  Ok, so the first time was kind of a disaster.  First, I guess the tins I purchased were not actually of the "mini" variety so the recipe yielded two loaves instead of four.  Bummer because I scrambled to make them for my friend Dawn's short visit with plans to send her home with two of them.  Well...not only was I down half my (expected) yield, but one loaf actually fell out of the pan when I tried to take it out the oven, flipping upside down and nearly catching on fire inside the oven.  And then there was one.

The bread itself was delicious, but it took a lot more time than I planned for and definitely didn't yield what I expected (again, probably user error).  SO, I tried again this week because I still had half a can of pumpkin left and didn't want it to go bad.  Can't report on how the second batch went because we haven't cut into them yet, but at least I did get two full loaves out of the deal this time.  Ya win some, ya lose some, ay? ;)

This week has been on the busy side, but mostly manageable.  Last night, over 20 teenagers attended our monthly 4-H Jr. Leader Meeting, which is an out-of-school community club for 7th-12th graders in the parish.  This was a record number for us, and I came home SUPER stoked about the potential for something awesome with a club this size.  ...Then, this morning, my balloon burst when I had a frustrating experience having to reschedule a school meeting for the second time this week (meaning three visits and counting, depending on if the next meeting happens as planned).  It seems for every step forward in this effort, I find myself pushed two steps backwards.  It's really a frustrating experience to have day in and day out...

But on the bright side, it is National 4-H Week, so HOLLA if you were in 4-H as a child, or have some interesting connection to the program!  I want to hear from you!

Some people are raving about this long weekend, but no such thing on my end.  I've never been off of work or school for Columbus Day so I tend to even forget it's a federal holiday.  Alex is headed to Tulsa with the football team, but I won't be all alone because THE WOMEN are coming!! Haha..."The Women" is my nickname for my mom, grandmother, and usually, great aunt, who tend to travel as a pack of three, lol.  This time, just my mom and Nanna are headed to visit, but it's still a visit from THE WOMEN in my book.  I have a pair of maternity (!) pants to be hemmed and requested Nanna's cookin' so I hope I'll be sitting pretty enjoying their visit and not overwhelmed by the loud they tend to bring along with them.

Confession:  I'm officially 21 weeks along with this pregnancy and have done nothing to acquire baby items or even prepare for selecting them.  No research, no shopping, no registry, nothing.  I am not fully sure I'm ready for any of that yet but I figure sooner or later it needs to be on my radar.  Stephanie at Blessed to Be had some great success when asking for help from the interwebs, so I'm going to give a go at it myself.  What are baby BASICS that I must have for a newborn?  I don't want to hear about all the fancy gadgets or newest yadda yadda yaddas, but I want to know what I actually NEED.  Like, is a crib even necessary (don't most people use pack-and-plays for a long time anyway)?  I don't want to a bunch of crap that will never get used.  I want to know what's actually practical and needed for everyone regardless of lifestyle, whatever.  We'll see what you have to offer and go from there!

If you don't live under a rock, you've heard about all the flooding in South Carolina over the last week or so.  LSU was scheduled to play USC in Columbia, SC, but the game got moved to Baton Rouge at the last minute.  LSU has really rolled out the red carpet for this team and I'm super impressed about it all.  The university is giving all proceeds (less cost of hosting) to USC and they are going so far as to host free tailgate events for all fans, the band has learned the USC fight song and other traditional tunes, and everyone is really coming together to make this as much of a home game as possible for these folks dealing with devastation back home.  Honestly, I have always thought of LSU as being pretty pompous and conceited about their football, but this story is softening my heart a bit.

Didn't have anything to pack for lunch today, and I have 3 club meetings this afternoon, so I need to jet.  Alex gave me a coupon for free lunch from McDonald's, so go ahead and place bets on whether I'll order the salad or something with french fries.......... Your guess is as good as mine! ;)

Have a great Friday!

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Halfway Baby! (Bumpdate, 20 Weeks)

Bump Update - 10/5/15

I really need to get Alex to take these instead...
How far along? 20 weeks

Total weight gain:  At my last appointment, supposedly I still hadn't gained any weight (from where I started, or from where I fell to, I don't know!).  The doctor says she's not worried as long as I gain about 5 pounds before my next appointment, which is one week from today!  I should probably check the scale to see if I need to binge this week or something, lol.  

Maternity clothes? More and more, when possible.  I still only have one pair of maternity "dress pants" (another is waiting to be hemmed), and wearing denim capris or shorts doesn't exactly scream "office attire," sooo I'm still making do with my regular pants fairly often.  Dresses with empire waists help a little, but I'm afraid I'm going to get bored with wearing the same thing before too long. Also, my regular shirts are starting to get tighter. 

Stretch marks? I really hadn't paid attention since the last post to see if this changed at all. 

Sleep: Same as before, mostly.  I really look forward to the time changing in hopes that maybe it will be daylight when I wake up least for a little while?

Best moment this week: The weather is nicer (80s instead of 90s)!  Amy finally had her baby!  Tessa Araceli was born Friday (10/2/15) at 10:46 a.m. local time (I found out after publishing my post on Friday).  And some interesting things happening here but it's not worth mentioning just yet.

Miss anything? With the weather changing, I could really go for a nice glass of wine on the patio (still not cold enough for hot beverages), but that's a no-go.  That's about it, I suppose. 

Food cravings: Still nothing.  One day I really wanted a snowball (never did get one!), but that passed and all the sno-cone stands are closing now so I guess I missed out there. 

Anything making you queasy or sick?  My sense of smell is still super alert so strong smells can go a long way in either direction.  And chicken is still hit or miss, probably will be for a while. 

Gender: We had our anatomy scan last month, so someone (the tech) knows what it is, but it's not us and not our doctor.  They won't even write it in our records as an extra precaution to keep from ruining it for us.  I like that! We also have a DVD with footage from the scan, but no one gets to watch that until after baby arrives. 

Labor signs: Ya know...I was really surprised to learn that Braxton Hicks contractions can start super 12 weeks gestation early.  I have definitely felt some round ligament aches, and once or twice I have wondered if it might have been some BH, but I really can't say for sure!

Symptoms: Since there's not another place to share it, I'll include it here.  The other day I dreamed about beef.  As in beef roast.  As in a plate of food!!  All I remember about the dream was was like the whole dream was trying to manifest itself as a craving of some sort, but I didn't actually crave beef so I still think it's kind of bizarre.   Also - the day I posted my last update, I *think* I felt the baby move!  It was almost so subtle that I could have ignored it, but after asking a few friends, I'm pretty sure that's what it was.  Yay!

Belly button in or out? Definitely in, though I notice my abdominal area becoming less squishy and more firm.  

Wedding rings on or off: Continued business as usual.

Happy or moody most of the time: I think the weather change has made a huge difference here.  We're busy but not super stressed, and so mood is generally favorable, with occasional accidental bouts of snippy.  lol. 

Looking forward to: A more pronounced bump, greater confidence in feeling the little one move, and maybe some interesting developments on the life-front.   

Hows Dad doing? "Dad is good.  Counting up to 20 weeks was fun.  Now it's really real as countdown from 20 to 0 begins."

18+4, I think.

Thanks for your patience in waiting a few extra days for this, thanks to Link-toberfest

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P.S.  I know for some this type of post can be uncomfortable, difficult, or just plain painful.  Please know that we recognize this and pray for those of you who may struggle with infertility (any variation thereof) and/or infant loss.  Our hearts go out to families affected by these struggles each and every day. 

Friday, October 2, 2015

Seven Quick Takes (Vol. 12)

Well, see...I was planning to post a 20-week Bumpdate today, but Kelly over at This Ain't the Lyceum made Seven Quick Takes impossible to say no! She's hosting a super stellar giveaway called "Link-Toberfest" all month long!  Go check it out!

Did you know?  Seven Quick Takes has been around for SEVEN years as of today?! That's pretty cool!  My first-ever 7QT post was on December 6, 2013...almost two years ago! That was back when Jennifer at Conversion Diary was hosting and I didn't have a smart phone, so no fun photos to share from that post!

Ya'll, the weather here is GORGEOUS right now!!  I still feel like it hasn't rained since the end of June (burn ban for the win?) but FINALLY the temperatures are giving us a break and man it is lovely!  I thought surely it would be in the mid-90s after October 1st, but with the calendar change so did the temps.  Eighties still seem on the warm side, but I'll take it.  This morning, the low as 56!! Oh to be outside in the sunshine...

In honor of the new season, Olya shared her 5 Favorite Recipes You Should Try this Fall.  I don't generally get on the pumpkin bandwagon (something about Louisiana not really having a true "Fall" season), but MAN these Pumpkin Crumble Mini Breads look AMAZING.  I wish I could just call up a friend and be like, "Yo, meet me at my house tonight - we're making all the pumpkin!"

Ever since the food aversions started with this pregnancy, I've (sadly) not been excited about chicken, but this Sausage & Corn Chowder sounds like as super delicious alternative.    Hurry, pin the recipes and make them both this weekend!

In case you were wondering, Amy is officially 40w5d now and I, for one, am still anxiously awaiting their news /slash/ cheering for her on the daily!  I'm sure she'd welcome any extra prayers or positive ju-ju you might send her way!
And that unspoken request for us is still on the table, so please continue to keep us in mind.  Thanks!


Since I still feel like I'm cheating you out of a bump picture, I guess I'll cave and give you one from last week... Let this hold you off for now:

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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