Tuesday, August 26, 2008

O-H-I-O, here I come!

Wow. So, I've been wanting to go to Ohio for over a year (probably much longer), now, and I cannot believe that my wish is about to come true! It's so surreal! Earlier I was talking to a few people online, one of which was Kayleigh, a CBC co-worker that I'll be staying with for my first two days in Ohio. We kept saying how we couldn't believe we were going to see each other in mere hours. It's nuts. ...Super exciting though!

Am I ready? I sure hope so. Tonight I printed a bunch of info for the graduate programs I'm going to visit as well as some documents showing my coursework from Nicholls, and that sort of thing. I'm happy to say that the packing process was not nearly as difficult as I expected, though I haven't quite figured out my shoe-situation yet. (Heh, the joys of being a girl?) Perhaps all the traveling I've done this year, and particularly this summer, have prepared me for efficient packing? Hm...at least I got something good out of this summer...jk. :-p

Tomorrow I'll be heading out of town fairly early in the morning...gonna spend the day in Thibodaux visiting people that I won't see again for at least a few months, maybe more. It'll be fun to hang out in the FACS office for a while too; I already miss my FACS family so much. Then, Ms. Marsha is bringing me to the airport in New Orleans to catch my 6:05 p.m. flight to Atlanta. I finally arrive in Columbus (C-bus, I hear is what the locals call it, lol) at midnight...to Kayleigh and Domenic's (another CBC co-worker) open arms! Yay!

I've got some big, and not-so-big plans for my stay in Ohio, but I'm really most excited about seeing everyone. Altogether, I hope to about ten friends that I've met over the last few years from various experiences such as 4-H and heart camp. It'll be super amazing to see everyone and add another state to my list of "Where I've Been."

Anyways, it's pretty late...I just wanted to give everyone another heads up about my globe-trotting plans. Hehe.


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