Friday, October 11, 2013

Long Lost Friends

Now, where was I..?  Oh yeah, Jen's visit.  First, though, I'd like to give some background about Jen and her little family.

My friendship with Jen is pre-blog, since I didn't start writing here until the last few weeks of our time living together.  Jen and I met during the first week of our freshman year at Nicholls State University.  I actually had a terrible paring with my first roommate, but Jen's original roommate/friend from home was kind enough to give up her room so that I could live with Jen, who I'd not actually met before.  Throw the ridiculousness that was Hurricane Katrina in the mix and let's just say it's a wonder we even made it to the first level of friendship.  But we did, and after three years of living together, the title "friend" was an understatement.

Even though we were technically "adults" when we met, I feel like Jen and I grew up together over those three years (two of which we shared a room).  We muddled our way through academics, adventures in our faith, and of course, boys.  I feel like Jen played a big part in me deepening my love for the Catholic faith and I can honestly say I miss the days of going to daily mass or adoration together (remember ADORE?!?).  In fact, we were so close that Jen even trusted me enough to allow me to read her journal...including those from way back in high school.  It was kind of strange, now that I think about it.  Haha.  

Fast forward a few years.  I spent time roaming around the country (see previous entries circa 2008-2012) for a while.  Meanwhile, Jen married her high school sweetheart, Logan, in 2009, and settled in her hometown of Luling, LA.  She worked nights as a nurse before transitioning to the school setting, and experienced some pretty trying times, including the loss of her first son, Levi.  Logan established his business as a videographer and named the business in memory of Levi (12-29 Productions).  In fact, I was honored to have Logan capture our wedding video exactly three years later, on December 29, 2012.

These days, Jen and I don't get to see each other very much since we live 5 hours apart.  However, I follow her blog diligently which helps me to feel closer to her little family despite the distance.  With each blog entry or phone conversation (We need to go back to sending letters the old fashion way!), I learn more and more about marriage, mommyhood, and The Faith.  I hope one day I can only be the wife, mother, and child of God that she is.  Ok - so enough of my "worship" for Jen, haha.

Jen, Logan, and their 15-month-old, Landon, visited Monroe last weekend.  Logan was in a wedding in Ruston, so they decided to forgo the hotel room and stay at our house which is just about 40 minutes away.  We were thrilled for the company, and I'm sure they appreciated the "affordable alternative" to a hotel.

Of course, I was out at Challenge Camp until Saturday, so the hospitality role fell on him for Friday night and half of Saturday.  However, the whole family attended the rehearsal/dinner on Friday evening, so I don't suppose it was too much work for him. ;-)  Saturday afternoon, Logan went off for groomsman duties, so Jen, Landon, Alex, and I had lunch at Chic-fil-a in West Monroe.  The afternoon was pretty laid back, before Jen left to met Logan for the 5 p.m. ceremony and reception that followed.

Notice how I didn't say Jen and Landon.  Yep, that's right.  Alex and I had the honor of babysitting Landon for the evening.  Can I just say we had a ton of fun with Landon?  He fought off a nap in the afternoon, so I thought we might have a grumpy kid that evening, but no.  He was just as happy as always, and we really enjoyed playing with him.  He even happily obliged my offer to go to sleep right at 8 o'clock, and by 8:06 p.m.  Alex and I were curled up on the couch looking at each other like, "Whoa, that was easy!"  (Yeah, we know it's never really like that when you have your own kids.)

It was also fun to get some adult hang out time with Jen and Logan when they returned later that night.  We even got to attend mass together before they left (for another wedding) on Sunday morning.  For a minute there I almost felt like we lived near one another all over again.  If only that were the case... :-(

Until next time.

To read Jen's version of the visit, see So Many Blessings and Photo Friday:  Food, Shoes, and Fun.


Jen said...

Awww, I love this post! Totally made me smile :) Talk about a walk down memory lane! LOL about the journal ;)

And yes, I agree - it felt like we lived closer! Maybe one day we will...I'll start praying for that. Hehe.

Suzette said...

Crazy crazy crazy. Just saw your comment on Bonnie Engstrom's blog...hopped over, saw "Nicholls" and was like, omg someone else from LA!!! And you will never guess, but Jen's sister and I went to college together. Crazy small world.

moomoogal said...

Well hello! It IS a small world. It would be even smaller if you happened to have some connection to any of the other characters in my blog stories - haha. You are the very first person who I haven't met "in real life" that is reading. *Does a little happy dance.* I'll be following you now, and feel free to do the same. :)