Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Homeward, yo!

This past weekend, we were *finally* able to go home for the weekend.  And by home, I mean to my hometown of Abbeville.  The last time we were home was for Memorial Day weekend, so needless to say it was long overdue.

Thankfully, we have seen nearly everyone at home over the last few months, even though we haven't been there to visit.  My parents have visited us in Monroe almost every month, and I saw my mom and brother a few extra times with my work trips to Baton Rouge over the last few months.  You'll remember that even my grandmother and great aunt visited over the summer.

In any case, we were excited to head out of north Louisiana for a few days of relaxation with family and friends.  I was able to squeeze in a haircut in Lafayette on our way in, and rather than fighting Lafayette traffic for dinner out that evening, my parents decided to grill some Sammy's steaks (the most delicious kind you could ever imagine) to pair with stuffed potatoes and rice dressing.  Yum-o.  Nanna and Austin (my brother) were also able to join us, which made things extra special.

Saturday was a full day.  We began with a huge breakfast at Nanna's house, then headed off to Magdalene Square in downtown Abbeville for the Omelette Festival.  (Side note:  Consider reading about this international festival that culminates with a 5,000 egg omelette prepared on a 12 ft skillet right in the center of town!  It's super unique and interesting.)  There, we met Victoria and Seth, our long-time good friends, and their son, Carter.  (Those who attended our wedding may remember the bridesmaid with the two week old baby...yep, that's them!)  We wandered around the craft/art/food/music booths for a while and then decided to walk over to Riverfront Restaurant for dinner on their deck which overlooks Bayou Vermilion.  It was a little windy (chilly) on the covered deck, but overall a beautiful day for being outside.

Late that afternoon we went over to visit my cousin Laurie and her three-year-old triplets.  Some of you may remember they were our flower girls and ring bearer for the wedding.  Drew is my godson, so I try to visit he and his sisters every time we're in town.  I grew up being especially close to my Nannie (godmother) but it was sometimes years between visits for my Parrain (godfather), so I want to try my best to avoid that with my own godson.

As always, the triplets were delightful.  Typically shy and skittish when we first arrive, the girls eased up and came over to play with me after a little bit.  Sophie had me pulling stickers off their toy plates and Emma wanted to play dress up.  Poor Drew didn't seem to be feeling well, so he spent much of the time on his mom or dad's lap while we were there.  To this day, I say those kids are some of the most well behaved I have experienced in my life, especially for multiples.

Sunday morning we relished in the extra hour of sleep and then got up for 8:30 mass at Our Lady of the Lake in Erath rather than the usual 11 a.m. one because I didn't want to feel rushed packing up or enjoying the rest of the day with family.  Nanna hosted us all (my family and my aunt's family) over for Sunday dinner, which was has been a tradition for as long as I can remember.  My dad and two cousins may have been absent on this particular day, but it was still Sunday dinner and special moments I will always remember.

Around two o'clock, Alex and I loaded up the car for our four hour drive back to Monroe.  Usually, the trip is just 3.5 hours, but I missed a turn in Alexandria so it took a little longer this time.  It's exciting to think we will be back to visit again just a few short weeks at Thanksgiving.  For 90% of the time, Alex's sports assignments are inconvenient at best, but there is the occasional moment when it works out and playing football at ULL on the Saturday after Thanksgiving this year is one of those times.  Yippie.

I think that's all for now.  Take a look at a few pictures from our Saturday outing with the Richards (which are the only photos I took all weekend).  Enjoy.

Seth took nearly 10 photos of Victoria and I, and this is the best we got.
My "fake boyfriend" (inside joke from WAY back) with his almost one-year-old son. 
You can't tell from this photo, but Carter has the most adorable little smile.  

Later, alligator.


Kara said...

I feel sorry for whoever had to crack all those eggs!!!!

moomoogal said...

Haha, so true!! I saw they even do a kids' omelette with a 4 ft. skillet and 500 eggs?!