Friday, December 6, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 1)

Ya'll I'm a big girl blogger now!! Okay, not really...juuust kidding. I think this is what it means to "link up" and this is my very first time doing such a thing. Like whoa.

So this is called "7 Quick Takes Friday" (as if you didn't already know that by the obvious image included above).  Apparently lots of bloggers are on this bandwagon which involves a weekly post about seven random thoughts, ideas, or experiences relevant to the writer at that particular time. So here I am, diving into the big girl blogging world by trying it out for myself. I won't promise weekly "link ups" with #7QT, but I may try it every now and again.

Anyone else out there freezing their buns off? Oh yeah, just 75% of the country...oops. Brr, it's cold out there! While we are missing the brunt of what forecasters are calling "Cleon" (Oh, and when did people decide it was a good idea to "name" winter storms? Dumb.) I'm still quite grumpy about what she did to ruin our plans for a weekend trip to visit the bff in Dallas. Poor Dawn has visited me in almost every place I've lived (there have been quite a few), and the no-good, terrible, bad friend that I am has yet to return the favor. Dawn, two things: a) I owe you big, and b) for all that is good and mighty out there, pleeeease pick a fun, exciting, and NON-winter-weathery location for your next adventure! Mk, thanks!

I'm not giving up so easily with this rant against cold weather. With the rainy, gross, awfulness outside, I really just want to curl up in sweatpants with the husband and watch DVR all day. I've been fighting some icky crud (re: cough, sore throat, mucus) for almost a week now and I think warm and cozy would really do the trick. Thanks to our cancelled plans, I may get said wish...but only after dozing at my desk all day in the office. At least I get to blog in the mean time! ;-)

I realize I never write anything about our time in south Louisiana for Thanksgiving last weekend. For the most part, there was nothing noteworthy to share. Food, relaxation, and family could easily sum it up. I did manage to kick-tail for one round of ladder golf with Alex's new set.  (I would add a picture as evidence but my phone appears to be comatose; I hope you'll forgive me.)  That may have been the highlight of our weekend. The low point was definitely our unexpected 2 am drive back to Monroe following some irresponsible decisions on the part of his intern. I won't say much about that here, but feel free to inquire if you are so interested.

Speaking of ULM athletic (not really, but kind of), last week's win against the Ragin Cajuns carried the team to officially bowl-eligible status, which means the plans we FINALLY made for our holidays have been placed on hold again. Ugh. By Sunday we should know more, but I am definitely not ashamed to say I'm crossing my fingers for the bowls to fill up quickly...without any Warhawks on the list.

Umm...Christmas is almost here. What? A grand total of 19 sleeps before the big day. I guess I really ought to get back to working on selecting and designing gifts. To make matters slightly more stressful, I know Alex went all out on a gift for our anniversary, and my ideas just don't seem like they will measure up. I really just need to buckle down and make it happen.

While everyone is busy posting pictures of their christmas tree or holiday decorations, our little home is feeling a big neglected. We don't have any holiday decorations, and Alex and I disagree on Christmas tree philosophies, which means our house mostly looks the same as it would in June (give or take an extra blanket or two). He says I can buy some holiday decorations after they go on sale in January, so maybe next year we'll have a little something. I don't see either of us budging on the tree thing, though, so we may be treeless for life. Just call us the Grinch House, I'll understand.

So, what is everyone else up to on this chilly Friday?

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Kara said...

Look at you linking up for your first time! I am so excited for you :)

I love this post...maybe I will have to link up one day! So thankful to have you as a blogging friend!

Christy said...

A lot of people think naming a winter storm is stupid. There was actually a good bit of push back last year and so far this year I've only heard the Weather channel doing this. The National Weather Service refuses to name storms (as of what I read last year). I think some of the arguments was it was just a way to cause panic, and monetize on the storms. BUT the big thing is that a lot of insurance policies have a named storm clause. Apparently people from your part of the world know about this, but its less common further north. But, if they start naming storms, people may end up in a world of hurt if they try to make a claim.