Saturday, March 15, 2014

Horse on the Loose (Part II)

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At this point we realize something is very wrong.  Thoughts start going through our heads to the effect of:  Where is the horse?  How did he get out?  Did someone take him?  How long has he been gone?

The five of us immediately split up, two going toward the back of the barn, two toward the front, and Brandon jumped in his truck to start circling the area.  It didn't take 10 minutes for us to meet back up with no horse in sight.

At this point, the three of us girls told the guys we had the presentation under control, and urged them to team up and keep looking.  We knew the school would be arriving anytime and didn't want to give off the impression that we were unprepared.

The guys took off in Brandon's truck, and began making calls to notify the police and other local officials.  On their way out, the guys ran into a local sheriff deputy who'd come by the barn to see if anyone had a horse missing.  The deputy told the guys the horse was spotted half a mile away, so off they went in hope of locating him.

When the guys made it out to where the deputy told them, there was no horse in sight.  They spent the next two hours tracking the horse, getting updates from local authorities each time the horse was spotted.  Calls were coming into the department left and right about this horse.

Three hours (and a very late lunch) later, one final call came in - a car driving West on I-20 saw the horse near the interstate, pulled over, and was able to get a hold of him.  Meanwhile, the guys drove up and down I-20 trying to locate the horse, as they were told he was between certain exits, but it was unclear in which direction.  Another interstate driver flagged the guys down when they saw their trailer, asking if they were looking for the horse and then pointing them to the exact spot he'd been caught.

When they finally caught him, that dern horse was over 5 miles away!  Afterwards, Brandon said the horse was officially on house arrest and would not be getting out again anytime soon.  Haha.

I can just about imagine what that horse was thinking after the whole ordeal...


That's all, ya'll!

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Kara Miller said...

I am impressed with how much ground that horse covered! He must have not wanted to see children that day ;)