Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Goodwill Games: A Creative Date Night Challenge

On a more pleasant note...we watch way too much TV around here.  Okay, I know that sounds...not pleasant...but I promise I have a point.  With Fall work schedules in full swing around here, we decided to make Friday an excuse for a date night.

In an effort to break from our habit of watching too much television around the house, and the same 'ole, same 'ole dinner dates, I took to the interwebs for a little idea searching.  I also happened to have joined Pinterest the day before, so it seemed like a win-win combo for dreaming up a creative date night.  I can't say I found this specific idea from Pinterest, but a couple of other ideas led to this particular adaptation.

It turned out to be a stormy afternoon, so I decided on two options - date night in (building a fort/watching a movie) vs. date night out.  A quick check on the radar indicated dissipating weather systems, so Alex voted for date night out.  And so off we went!

First stop, the local Goodwill store.  Say what?  Yes, indeed.

As we pulled into the parking lot, Alex was obviously confused but he trusted the process and went with it.  Once we arrived, I told him we were going to play a little game.  For Round One, we had 10 minutes to find something for under $10...for the other person!  His face light up and totally bought into the challenge.  *Wife for the win!*

I went straight for the CD table.  Of course, there was nothing current or appropriate.  Then, I spotted the bookshelves...surely something there would work, right?!  Jackpot!  Within 30 seconds searching through the book section, I spotted a Photoshop tutorial book...and the best was just $0.99!  YES!  With plenty of time to spare, I continued shopping, for bonus points, of course.  Just before time was out, I came across a lava lamp, and grabbed it before going back to home base.  (We recently had a conversation about how neither of us had ever owned a lava lamp, even though "all the cool kids" had one.)

Wife, for the win!

Alex wasn't so lucky with Round One.  Reluctantly, he decided on some unknown DVD...something to do with the title or the cover picture relating to something...obviously if  I don't remember it now, the choice was a poor one.  Wife wins again.  :)

For Round Two, we took 5 minutes to find something for under $5, for ourselves this time.  Again, Alex scoured the store, only to grab a random belt at the last minute.  And again, I found success on the bookshelf, with a Karen Kingsbury novel for just $1.99.  Score!

Alex determined the challenge for Round 3 - 7 minutes to find the most "obscure" t-shirt.  Now, if you have ever been shopping at Goodwill, you know this is the place is a treasure chest for t-shirts.  With hundreds of strange, funny, and inappropriate t-shirts all sorted by color, having just 7 minutes to find the "most obscure" is quite a challenge!  I think we ended up calling a truce on that round, but it was fun nonetheless.

California Raisins do Vegas?

After Round 3, we were out of ideas and sufficiently gross-feeling (think how many people have touched all that crap!), so we decided to call it a night and head off to dinner.

So there you have, next time you are looking for a creative date night idea, take your "sigoth" out to Goodwill and challenge each other until you're worn out, or the employees start giving you the stink eye.  We would totally do it again, but probably not in Monroe (have I mentioned how disgusting this town is?), and probably with a longer list of pre-planned challenges.  Either way, you can call it a little friendly competition, call it weird, call it what you was fun!


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Christy said...

As an avid Goodwill shopper, I love this. As an avid Goodwill shopper, I'm slightly insulted by you feeling gross after being done. I mean, I did recently purchase 16 pairs of pants from Goodwill. I will say, I have never had good luck finding shirts at Goodwill beyond t-shirts for crafts and one Purdue college of Ag shirt. But, I will also say, I've been in some Goodwills that were great/clean, others eeek!