Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tradition, Shmadition

I know, the content around here has been rather lackluster lately.  So go ahead and ditch me for greener pastures today... head over to visit Stephanie at Captive the Heart.  She's on maternity leave following the birth of her beautiful daughter Lily Grace, and asked some of her married friends to share ways they stretched the wedding budget.  ...While there, you might just learn a little about designing a wedding without flowers (what? no way?! yes, way.).

Photo credit:  Katie Hoffpauir Photography
Check back regularly to visit with Stephanie, as she will be sharing more from "Brides Who've Been There" during this Wedding Q & A series!


Stephanie C. said...

Thanks again for your input (I won't spoil the flower thing here…), and for sharing this!

Amy Salisbury said...

I read that and thought it was so cool!!! What a smart idea and Happy anniversary!!