Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Beezballs Are Out!

Beezballs is my silly word for baseball. I also have silly words for basketball and football, however, I digress. Baseball season is over!!! Can I get an allelujah??!? Wahoo!!!

I'd like to say the team went out with a bang, but the only bang was the metaphorical bang from self-inflicted gunshots aimed at our heads due to the miserable scores and hotter-than-hades temperatures in the press box this past weekend. Let me explain. Thurssday, the guys went down with a respectable 4-5 loss against the Cajuns. Friday and Saturday brought out the worst of the worst with resounding 4-12 and 1-12 losses, respectively. To make matters worse, the compressor in the air/conditioner for the press box went out on Friday afternoon, so even the coolest light-weight clothing didn't help the 88 degree indoor temperature (plus humidity, of course). This was even with the windows open. I'm fairly certain it felt better outside given the slight chance for an occasional breeze there.

Regardless, sports are out for the summer, and FINALLY the Edwards home can return to a normal schedule. I'm thrilled to have my husband around for more than two days a week now. We have a lot of DVR to catch up on, and even more recipes to try, places to visit, and honey-do lists to tackle.

I should admit that baseball is actually my favorite sport for Alex to cover, so generally I am pretty accepting or tolerant of the schedule. It's just sooo long, and travel takes up a great deal of time. Football on the other hand...don't get me started on that! You won't find this girl within a mile of the stadium come August. That's all I have to say about that!


I'm trying to work on writing more frequent, less lenghty posts. Ya'll keep me accountable (especially on the frequency issue), okay folks??


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