Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hello 21st Century

Get excited, this girl FINALLY has a real smart phone.  I used to claim my phone wasn't exactly dumb seeing as how I could text rapidly and access the internet (mostly) at will, but it definitely didn't have the speed and modern features of this baby.  Don't get me wrong, I really did love my trusty Nokia E63(?); it treated me well for nearly five years (yes, really - what touch screen lasts 5 years?! - none!) and it was hard to part with 'tiny red,' but it was time...time for me to join my generation by getting on board with a touch screen smart phone. 

This fancy gizmo shown below is my brand spakin' new Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini.  From what I gather, the Mini is not quite as popular as its standard-size (large!) counterparts, but I think I prefer the smaller version anyway.  Unfortunately, the lack of popularity means fewer options for durable cases, but I'm hoping this pretty white case will do take fine care of my new gadget.  I'm super worried something is going to happen to its pristine condition before the case arrives.  Note:  Dear Amazon, please, preeeetty please, hurry along with your processing and shipping!

Anyway, I've officially joined the world of touch screen phones, which can only mean one thing - apps!!!  I'm super super excited to now have the ability to use apps!  Immediately, I downloaded the basics - Facebook and Twitter, then of course, Instagram was next!  Games were high on my list, with quick additions to include Ruzzle and Song Pop.  Since then, I've done a little more searching and ended up adding Pic Stitch, Snapchat (for Justin! @jmhdeuce), Flashlight, Skype, 4 Pics 1 Word, a QR code reader, and wait for it...Blogger!!  I hear Blogger is a great tool to help with posting photos in blogs, so just as soon as I can figure out how to best use the program, you can bet I'll be doing it!

What apps do you use?  I'm open to games, useful tools, anything.  Please share!!  I'm especially on the hunt for a good NFP charting app, but so far most of them seem pretty sketchy and the official one (Cycle ProGo) is subscription-based so I'm a little leery of trying it without exploring others first. 

Send me your suggestions, folks!


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