Saturday, February 8, 2014

Super Party

Ever have those weeks (months?) where you're so backlogged on blog ideas that it's overwhelming to even think of beginning?  Yeah, that's me and February 2014.  I'm so bummed about all the ideas I have, yet no time to execute them.  It's doubtful I'll be matching January's record of nine entries in the same month.  Boo.

So, almost a week late, I do want to share about our "Super Party" we hosted last Sunday in conjunction with "The Big Game."  It's starting to be a tradition for us to host people on this popular American "holiday," mostly because of Alex's field of work (athletics).  Last year, a whopping three people took us up on the invitation, and this year we increased the number to seven!  Woop woop!

It was fun to host some of the people we've met over the last few months, though most of them are interns or graduate assistants, which means they are a bit younger than us and definitely at a different stage of life.  However, all of them are from other states, and so sharing our home with people who are far from their families on such holidays (albiet, an unimportant one) is nice to pay-it-forward from all those years Alex and I were away from our own families.

But, let's get to the important stuff - food!

Before:  crockpot pulled pork

This delicious pulled pork recipe was shared by Kara, who prepared the dish for us to enjoy during our mountain weekend back in December.  We attempted to replicate the dish for our guests, but I think Kara's was still better due to her "Eastern NC style" sauce.  Send us some of that, Kara!

After:  crockpot pulled pork 

Alex prepared some deer sausage and duck wraps, meat courtesy of my father and brother.  I can't speak to their flavor, because I refused to try them.  Sorry...

We cheated and went the easy route on this coleslaw - as in we bought the pre-shredded stuff and dressed it ourselves.  It went fabulously with the pork, and we even received compliments from someone who doesn't typically eat slaw.

Alex and I attended a salsa making class in Mexico during our honeymoon cruise, and I have to say it has impacted my view on salsa.  Homemade salsas are far more delicious than the store-bought stuff, and I think I have a pretty good knack for making it myself.  Guests agreed, and this four-avocado strong guacamole was cleared out before the night was over.  Thank goodness avocados were on sale (.88 each) last week!

And of course, we couldn't forget sweets!  In honor of Carnival season, I made Mardi Gras-themed cupcakes.  Yum-o!

The food must have been good (far better than the game, as I understand it) because they "cleaned house" on us.  Only a few cupcakes and some salsa remained at the end of the night.  That's definitely a compliment for a Cajun lady such as myself, and a strong indicator of the good time had by all.

Now, I'm off to catch up on all of your "super" party efforts (aka I'm wayyy behind on reading posts this week)!


Ace Herrera said...

I nominated you for a Liebster Award :) GO DO ITTTTT!

Kristina said...

I wish I was a part of your Super Party! Holy yum, everything looks amazing! ;)