Friday, April 4, 2014

In the Works

It's been kind of quiet around here for the last week, and while I know all of you are worried about my absence (NOT), I assure you everything is fine on this end.  I will say that I worked an overnight camp all last weekend, and for obvious reasons, it has taken me a while to recuperate from that.  The all-nighter with a sick camper sure didn't help that exhaustion either...but I digress.

In the throws of baseball season, Alex has been away quite a bit lately.  The opportunity to veg on girly TV has been nice, but I do miss having a husband, and the life of a sports widow can be lonely (especially overnight).  So, when Alex is in town, I'm at the ball park volunteering (RE:  #10 on 20 in 14) or we're scrambling to keep the house/bills/taxes/etc in order.

In the little time that's left, I have been working on some fun personal projects.  One of those has been becoming an independent consultant for Jamberry Nails.  Ever heard of Jamberry?  I hadn't either until a friend invited me to her Facebook party back in February.  I never paint my nails because they chip instantly it seems, and while the gel polish looks great, it is so damaging.  The fix for these issues?  Jamberry!

Jamberry nails are actually nail wraps (think decals) that stick on your natural nail and last for 2-3 weeks (or 4-6 on toes!) without the damaging effects of gels.  Hallelujah! They also happen to have tons of super cute design options, and the cost is totally reasonable, too.  Hesitant to put money into something I hadn't actually seen on person (remember, Facebook party), I didn't end up buying anything that week.  However, the consultant who hosted the party offered to send me a couple of samples to try at home.  Instantly, I was hooked!

And here we are, just a few weeks later...I'm officially a consultant!  So anyway, I would love for you to head over to Facebook and "Like" my consultant page to find out more about Jamberry.  I plan to host online parties (and in person ones, when feasible) and hope some of you will fall in love with the product just like I did.  You can also e-mail me anytime with questions, and I'll be glad to answer them for you!

But that's not all folks...

As I mentioned before, I am in the process of renaming this blog and freshening things up around here with a brand new design and layout.  I've also slowly been working to add tags to my posts, and hope to get things a little more organized.  In fact, I'll share a sneak peak with you today!

Drum roll......

There it is, a sneak peak at what will hopefully be fun and exciting things to come!  With all that said, please be patient with me around here.  I am not giving up on the blog, but I may be posting a little less frequently than I have lately.  My hope is that goal #1 on 20 in 14 will keep me accountable for posting at least once a week (and maybe even more!).

Thanks for all the support and please stay in touch!

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Jen said...

I'll host a party if you're ever in town :) And seriously, you're making us wait on the blog redo?!