Saturday, November 15, 2014

Dirty 30: Alexisms

It's time for another entry in what is becoming the "Dirty 30" series!  My sweet husband is celebrating his thirtieth birthday today, so he certainly deserves his own post in this collection.  While I would love for us to be celebrating today with one big huge surprise party including all his family and friends, we are both working the day away...outside in the "frigid" cold at that!

Without further ado, here are 30 random facts about Alex...aka Alexisms.
  • Adopted in December 1984 (about a month after he was born).
  • Grew up in North Carolina, until he moved to South Carolina for a job in 2009.  In 2012, he moved to Louisiana for another job (and a girl...tehe).
  • Majored in Parks & Recreation at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, and received a Master's Degree in Sport Management from East Carolina University.
  • Over the years, random jobs have included work at a barbecue processing plant, serving as a restaurant greeter/seater/food runner, and summers as a camp counselor.
  • Favorite color is teal.

  • Has a tattoo on his inner arm - "πρεσβεύω" - translated, it means "Ambassador (for Christ)."
  • Collegiate athletics pay the bills; baseball is his favorite.
  • Has a bad habit of leaving the closet door open.
  • Gets excited when "Mean Girls" is on TV.
  • "Moonshine in the Trunk" (Brad Paisley) is his jam.

  • Often forgets his lunchbox/water bottle at the office.
  • Loves Harry Potter.
  • Cheers for the Panthers. 
  • Goes through 39287 pairs of socks a week...they're EVERYWHERE.
  • Lives on MAN TIME!

  • Has a taste for Cheerwine...
  • ...and Woodchuck...
  • ...and Bojangles...
  • ...and Cookout.
  • Needed me to spell out directions for 1-2-3 cake...82734 times.

  • Steals my razor.
  • Enjoys watching The Middle and Big Bang Theory.
  • Has visited 22 states and 4 foreign countries (Malaysia, Honduras, Belize, Mexico).
  • Brought home a leprechaun that hides his mouthguard...and my socks!
  • Collects college t-shirts.

  • Missed out on "The Art of Clothes-Matching" class.
  • Is the the resident "chicken cooker" of our house, and will always be on "dish duty."  
  • Welcomes "the guys" for poker nights during bachelor weeks (aka, when I'm out of town).
  • Famous for his peanut butter pie recipe.
  • Is the best husband ever! ... duh!
He's a pretty cool guy, right?  I mean seriously, he could be friends with anyone...just ask the thirty people who sent letters for Alex to read on his first thirty days of Age 30. Say what?!

Yep, that's right, Alex...for the next thirty days, you'll receive a note from someone special in your life.  This is the just the start of what will be a great year for you!   

Happy birthday!

I love you so much.


Jen @ Into Your Will said...

Wait, did I know he was adopted?! Or that he has a tattoo??

This is awesome!

Kara Holland said...

CUTE! And you did come up with a cool birthday gift!
P.S I love your new blog design!!! It is pretty adorable :) oh, and it took me a while to find your blog because I normally just type it in at the top!!!