Monday, September 14, 2015

Sunday Funday

These days, Sundays rank near the top of my week.  I have really begun to attach myself to the little mission church we are attending and though I don't like setting an alarm for it, I do cherish the specialness of going to that little church with my little family on Sunday mornings.  It's the season where Alex is out of town on many Fridays and Saturdays, so Sunday is our family day (not to say that it shouldn't be year-round).

A little What I Wore Sunday, 'cuz it's been a while.
Using eMeals (more to come on that in a future post) means weekly trips to the grocery story so naturally, when we get out of Mass at 11, it's the perfect time to grab groceries and get back to the house before all the Protestants get out of their 11 a.m. service.  If lunch at a restaurant is on the agenda, we still generally have time to get groceries, drop them off at home, and make it to the restaurant before the church crowd does.  It's really a beautiful thing.

LOVING these maternity capris...I want to wear them year round.
On this particular Sunday, I had been SO looking forward to our date day.  The weather was B-E-A-UTIFUL all weekend and I was dying to get out the house.  After lunch and groceries (in the reverse order, this time), we decided to take in a ULM soccer game; Alex could show his face at another athletic event, and I could spend the afternoon outside.  It was a win-win for everyone.

And it was 59 degrees when we woke up...sweaters allowed!
Alex had the bright idea to bring the dog with us, and boy was that a mistake.  Though six human years old, that dog is an ageless puppy!  He would not chill out!  He was in our face the wholeeee time and really just made the afternoon not nearly as relaxing as it could have been.  Alex said over and over again, "Surely kids are easier than this...right??"  I laughed and said they probably aren't, but at least we wouldn't be covered on dog-funk when it was all said and done (surely kid funk is less disgusting; I am NOT a dog person).

Since maybe you don't want to see only photos of me...
We finally gave up and came home to lock the dog in a little side fence so that we could sit outside in peace for a little bit.  Oh man it was just glorious outside!  Too bad we're under a burn ban - it would have been a nice afternoon for a little fire.  Ah well.

And of course, we topped off the night with another stressful episode of Big Brother!  Less than two weeks to go before the season finale and 3 hours of our week free up again... haha.

So how was your weekend?  Can't wait to catch up on reading what everyone else is up to!


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Amy Salisbury said...

Such a cute outfit!!!your Sundays sounds so peaceful and enjoyable! That's awesome, just the way it should be! You are looking fantastic BTW! Can't wait for the bump to pop out even more!