Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kota 1 is done!

Another “ to be posted later” blog. This one was written on 06-22/08. Enjoy.


Gah. It seems like I have to go back forever ago to write about all that I’ve been up to since my last substantial blog. Last weekend, Allie and I went to Memphis, so I guess I can begin there…

Allie’s parents rented a lake house in a community (Population: 321) just outside of Memphis. Friday, she and I went out to eat with the staff at Creegan’s (sp?), an Irish pub in North Little Rock. By the time we finished, Allie’s parents had arrived, so we met them back at camp to give a tour of the facility before heading off to the lake house. Most of the evening was spent just relaxing…it was utterly amazing how great that felt. We layed around, watched tv, and…just…enjoyed life.

Saturday morning we drove into Memphis for most of the day. Allie, her mom, and I toured Graceland, which lasted a few hours. Her father and brothers had a “boys day out” playing putt putt. We all met up again for lunch at B. B. King’s restaurant on Beale Street; it was great. Our visit to Memphis didn’t last very long, however, because Allie and I were pretty much pooped from our first week at camp. For this reason, we all went back to the lake house pretty early and just rested for the remainder of the day. Allie’s daddy made jambalaya, which was just plain amazing. (I hadn’t eaten rice since leaving Louisiana weeks ago…needless to say, I was very excited about the Cajun food.) Then, she and her mom made some rice crispy treats that we took back to camp with us for the staff on Sunday morning.

Our plan for Sunday was to wake up at 7 a.m. and head back to Little Rock around 8. However, our bodies are so used to getting up early that we woke up at like 6 a.m. and ended up leaving an hour early. Good thing, too, because, Ella, the GPS, took us on some crazy roads and we barely made it back to camp with enough time to unpack and get ready for our meeting.


Alright, Kota 1.

Camper diagnoses for this week included Autism spectrum conditions, Down Syndrome, epilepsy, etc. These campers were rather difficult to reason with, and super crazy. Nuts. Seriously.

I was assigned to live in the Khaki Cabin and work in the Moss Cabin with boys (again). Our counselor group was different, but I had a good time. Working with boys was such a strange experience; I learned so much about boys that I never, ever wanted to know. Heh. I guess it was good for me though, right? The one thing about this week that disappointed me was the lack of connection I had with my campers. This week was so much harder because, in general, the campers have difficulties with socialization skills. Plus, most of them were able to care for themselves a lot better than the previous week, so they didn’t require as much assistance, either. I don’t know. There was just something about these kids that made it more difficult for me to bond with these kids. Sigh.


This weekend was just plain amazinggggg.

Friday for lunch, most of the staff members ate at nearby Senor Tequila. Then we parted ways based on our interests and plans for the weekend. Allie, Sydney, and I came back to camp to do laundry, shower, and sleep/relax for the day. When we got up, the three of us, plus Tom, went to Wal-Mart and then Subway (Free wi-fi! Yes!) for dinner. Then it was back to camp to finish up the laundry and wait for “The Bosty Boys” (Kyle and Cody Bost) to get back from visiting their Nanna and Dodju. They met us, and we all went downtown to walk along the river. Come to find out, it was “Juneteenth” (ask if you want to know), so we were rather uncomfortable amongst the crowd. Instead, we drove over to the other side of the river to hang out at Creegan’s. (By this time, it was nearly 1 a.m.) Finally, it was back to camp to hang out; we finally made it to sleep around 3 a.m.

Saturday morning, we (naturally) got up early and slowly moseyed on over to the Bost’s lake house in Heber Springs(?). The modest home (hehe) was super fun. We had a greatttttt time. I mean, seriously. Ah. We had a picnic way up on a cliff overlooking the lake. It was gorgeous. Then we played Phase 10 for hours before Cody cheated so much that we finally ended up going home. Back at the lake house we hung out for a while, ate, and attempted not to fall asleep from exhaustion. Then the boys had the GREAT idea to go snipe hunting. (I’ll try to write more about that later, but at this point, my brain is so tired, and I’m trying to finish writing this before our campers show up.) Interesting…I tell you. Afterwards, we relaxed a bit more and sat around playing Apples to Apples before going to bed around midnight.

Of course, we woke up earlier again this morning, and left the house around 8:30 a.m. to get back to camp with enough time to move into our cabins and shower before our weekly meeting. Now, I’m sitting inside the Yellow Cabin (which is where I’ll be working this week—with girls, finally, yay!) waiting for our campers to arrive. I am super excited, though, because I’m living in the Orange Cabin with Allie, Sydney, Bobo, and Katie Kirk (Supervisor). We don’t have kids in our cabin, which is pretty much amazing if you ask me. The cabin doesn't have the ever-lasting smell of urine from constant cathing, nor do we have to worry about disturbing kids and vice vesa.


Mid-sentence, our first camper arrived. Now, I'm enjoying the last part of my 5-hour "paperwork" for the summer. Kika, Tom, and I are hanging out at Java, but earlier Matt Eckess' parents treated us to dinner at a Chinese Buffett. A meal without camp food was just plain great. Hehe.

Will write more...

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