Sunday, June 1, 2008

We have arrived!

We have arrived!

Yep, Allie and I arrived here at camp at 5:59 p.m; they were expecting us at 6:00 p.m. Talk about making in on time, ay? We would have actually been here about an hour earlier, had we not gotten.--gasp--lost. Go figure, right? This is Allie and I we're talking about here. LoL. Whatever. Ellen (Allie's GPS) took good care of us, except for that one little mishap, and we made it to camp just fine.

She and I were the only two staff members at camp last night. It was exciting/awkward/weird all at the same time. We walked around and took pictures of the facility, but that didn't take very long. The rest of the evening was spent studying childhood medical conditions and talking--like we'd already done for the previous 8 hours. Heh.

We're both very nervous about the coming month. It's scary to imagine being the only two new staff members, as well as not really knowing what to expect. However, these are "camp people," so they can't be that bad, right? We really just can't wait to get today over with so that we can stop thinking about it all. Gah.

There are a few things we're looking forward to while we're here--like exploring Arkansas and traveling to Memphis!! The camp encourages staff members to leave on the weekends, and when Allie and I realized that Memphis is only 2 hours away, we were instantly hooked on the idea. Ah! It's going to be so much fun!! Other ideas include a trip to Hot Springs and exploring "The Big Rock" (as Elise has referred to Little Rock). Yay.

Internet/communication situation. Yeah, I'm sorry guys, but it's looking pretty grim. There is absolutely no wireless signal out at camp. It took thirty minutes for us to find a coffee shop with free wireless internet this morning. (We actually happen to be quite close to the Arkansas 4-H Center which is where we came for the ACA Heart of the South Conference in November.) So, basically, I wouldn't expect internet updates except for once or twice a week. It will all depend on what's going on during my evenings and weekends off. However, it does seem like I may have phone access, especially text messaging. The service is perfectly fine; it will just be a matter of finding time to use it. (Wish me luck.)

Alrighty, I guess I will go ahead and check my e-mails and stuff now...but first, I'll leave you with some pictures. :)


Pool. Cute sign. Welcome Center.
Health Center. More Pool.
More pool. Old cabins, pre-something-million-dollar grant.
Sorry for the photo craziness, but I've never done a photo post before. Hopefully I'll be better at it next time.
Until then...
--Note: I tried (hot) chai tea for the first time today. It's made with soy milk. I bet you can guess my opinion... (Absolutely amazing. Thanks, Derek.)

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