Saturday, February 7, 2009

I have arrived!!

Just in case I have any loyal (or caring) individuals out there, I just thought I'd stop in tonight to let you all know that I made it!! Yup, that's right, I'm settled into Warren Hall, the house I'll be living at while I work here at the National 4-H Conference Center (just outside of Washington, DC). With no major mishaps, and a pretty smooth day of traveling, I had a great time meeting everyone that I'll be living with for the next few months. We have such a fun group!

In case you're curious, I live on the 2nd floor in a 3-story, 9-bedroom house (it can sleep about 20 people). There is also a commons room, kitchen, basement for washing clothes and computer stations, and an amazingly awesome balcony that has become my favorite place. I have my own room, even though there are 3 beds, 3 closets, 3 dressers in my room. Each room is set up a little differently. There is only one other girl who lives on my floor (for now, til May, perhaps), so she and I are the only one that shares the 2-toilet/2-shower/3-sink bathroom. Two girls who are interning with National 4-H Council's Marketing Department each have their own bedroom and share a bathroom on the third floor. On the first floor, the RA and a guy who is interning at the US Treasury Dept each have their own room (and bathroom?), and then the two other Program Assistants and another guy interning in a downtown office share a bedroom and bathroom.

I took some pictures of my room and bathroom--pre- and post move-in. I really want to try to decorate a bit, and will take more pictures if I do...they'll be posted on Facebook, just as soon as I have time and energy to create a new album. Oh, and I LOVE my bedroom view, it's pretty much the same view as the one from the balcony, so you can get the idea. And...there are freaking piles of snow on the ground!!! Craziness!! I really can't wait to share the pictures.

I'd go into more detail about everything, but it's technically after midnight here, and I've been up since 3:45 a.m. Central time, so I'm pretty pooped. In the morning, most of us are gonna eat breakfast in the Clover Cafe (cafeteria) together around 8:45 a.m., and then myself and another PA are going to 10 a.m. mass. In the afternoon, at least one other PA is gonna come with me to meet David (heart camp coworker) somewhere in the city. 'Course, this group seems pretty spontaneous, so we'll have to see what actually happens when the time comes.

Sleepy time.

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Dawn said...

Congrats on getting there!

Love you profile pic btw, lol!

Sunshine! :-)