Monday, August 4, 2014

#18 Bloodwork (Part 2)

About four months ago, I wrote about biting the bullet and finally getting that appointment for having blood-work done and crossing #18 off my 20 in 14 list.  We were all left hanging when a series of test results ended with another waiting period as I scheduled an endocrinologist appointment for mid-July.  I wish I were back to say everything has been resolved since the last post, but as life goes, that has not come to fruition.

I will say I was thoroughly pleased with the endocrinologist, as she spent a full hour with me gathering my health history and investigating each potential avenue.  In this day and age, what doctor spends an hour with a patient?  Not many, that's for sure.

When I left the office, the plan was for another round of blood tests - 11 more, to be exact.  I scheduled a follow up appointment for September (2 months later, mind you), with the understanding that it could be rescheduled earlier or later depending on the results from tests.  I was also informed that additional tests may be completed before the follow-up, again depending on what resulted from those tests.

About a week after giving blood...ahem...8 vials for the 11 tests, I received a call with the results.  Once again, everything but my prolactin levels were normal.  This time, my prolactin count had more than doubled from 35 to 71.5.  Eek.  The nurse told me the doctor wanted to schedule an MRI.  ...A what?  Yes, an MRI.

Fast forward 10 days, which brings me to today - the day of said scheduled MRI.  A bit nervous, but prepared to go at it alone, I made arrangements to take care of some work business in Monroe around midday, had lunch with Alex at his office, and then proceeded to Admissions at St. Francis North.  Everything seemed to be going fine, until I was called to the back and right there in the hallway the MRI tech told me I couldn't have the procedure because I indicated on the check-in form that there's a possibility I could be pregnant.  *FACE PALM!*

I knew I shouldn't have written in "not that I know of" next to the question about whether I could be pregnant.  I mean heck, I wrote the day of my last cycle on the hasn't even been a whole month!!  Of course, I backtracked and tried to explain that I wasn't actually pregnant, just that there was the potential for pregnancy since we don't use contraceptives.  Yeah, that didn't fly.

Round and round we went, but to no avail.  The staff insisted I PROVE I wasn't pregnant (how the heck does one do that mid-cycle?!?!) before they would do the MRI.  Fine.  I'll take your dumb blood test (that's inaccurate, I might add) and come back again on Friday for the stupid MRI.  I just better not have to fork over that darn co-pay again...

OH, and I also don't appreciate the tech saying I don't practice "safe sex" (referring to the reason for having to reschedule).  Everything about having sex with my husband is safe!  Okay? Thanks.  (And I'm not quite sure whether her comments about how she thinks what we're doing is "so great," were respectful or patronizing.  Gah.)

Um so, yeah.  That's where we stand.  I'm tired of dragging this out.  Emotions have worn me out, and I'm just ready for answers.

Unfortunately, there is a great chance that this is only the beginning.

Update:  Click here to read the next installment in this story.  


Jen @ Into Your Will said...

Oh my gosh, I can't believe the tech told you that!! Ahhh.

Hoping you find answers soon!

Amy Salisbury said...

Thats so frustrating!! And yes... the wonderful world of not using artificial birth control and getting flack from every direction for letting your body actually exist in its natural state. Sorry! I hope you get answers soon and they can really help you out!