Thursday, March 12, 2015

Three/Twelve = A Giveway

Please tell me I'm not the only one whose birthday parties were the highlight of their childhood experience? I'm not talking lavish, expensive parties, but the fun, unique ones that created special memories for years to come.  A few of mine that come to mind include designing a float and riding in a rural Mardi Gras parade with all my best friends, borrowing a covered wagon and hosting a Western-themed shindig, and setting up backyard tents to sleep out under the stars.  Good stuff, people.

Personally, I believe birthdays are a big deal.  It's the one and only day of the entire year that is absolutely yours (unless you share it, of course...but still, yours)!  It may be the unique birthday parties my parents entertained for me all those years, but my love for birthdays hasn't waned with age.

So today, as I inch closer to the big 3-0 (NOT YET!!!!), I invite you to party with me.  Share your favorite, most unique birthday story for a chance to win a FREE 1/2 sheet of Jamberry nail wraps from my very own personal collection.  For a bonus entry, visit my website to check out the new 2015 Spring/Summer Catalog and tell me which design is your "must have" this season.

Feel free to share this post with friends - I'll throw in a double bonus entry if your friend leaves a comment saying you referred her.  ...Yes, I am most definitely in the giving mood today!  In the mean time, I'll be admiring those beautiful flowers from my sweet husband and savoring surprise cupcakes from coworkers. Comments (entries) close Wednesday, March 18th, and winners will be announced thereafter.

Leave some love, ya'll!


Amy Salisbury said...

My cousin and I do share a birthday, but we love it, and since it's the 11th, when we turned 11 (our "champagne birthday") our families both drove half way (we lived 3 hrs apart at the time) and so we could spend our birthday together in a random city, swimming, and eating Mexican food, and we both got porcelain dolls, and decoding books, because we always wrote letters to each other in code. Good memories!!

Jen @ Into Your Will said...

My sister and I (since we share a birthday, ha) had a spacewalk and water slide for our 18th bday party. Because, you know, all that fun just isn't for little kids! ;) oh, we had a piƱata too!

I've been meaning to text you about Jamberry because I seriously want to do a party somehow. I can't find the jams I liked from a couple weeks ago when I was looking (they must have been the ones being discontinued), but I just saw the Destiny one and oooh, it's pretty!

Christy said...

I had a few good birthday sleepovers and such. One birthday spent on crutches-the one and only time I've ever had to use crutches.

But let's go with 20th Birthday...because I flew for the first time ever on my 20th Birthday. To Kansas for a C4-H regional conference. One of the girls I was traveling with brought me a cupcake to the airport, a candle and a paper flame.