Thursday, March 5, 2015

Helleaux Sneaux

Last week, we lucked into 3.5 days at home thanks to a little thing I like to call...SNEAUX!  Well, it started out as ice on Monday, melted a little on Tuesday, then legit snowed (2 inches?!) on Wednesday, and by Thursday, let's just say it was time to get out the house.  I'm pretty sure Alex felt a bit more claustrophobic than I did, but ah well.  By Thursday at Noon, we were back to work (even if the rest of the state wasn't) and eternally grateful for the surprise of extra time together.

But of course, I know all you really want to see are pictures!

First, ice.

We waited anxiously patiently...

See that dot of green (rain) in the center...yeah that was us.
 And then, SNEAUX.

As Kara so kindly pointed out, I didn't put on "real" clothes for four days.

Yeah, no beuno on the roads.
Obviously, we did quite a bit of walking that week.  It helped to get fresh air and break up the day.  We also really enjoyed seeing the winter weather evolution.  And...snow is pretty, duh!

I tried to make a snow angel...but I got wet.  (Re: Cold and wet is not a fun combination.) 

But of course, we had to build a SNEAUXMAN!

Accessories courtesy of the recycling bin.
I guess this is a little bit of a "throwback Thursday," since I'm currently sitting on the couch with a glass of wine, writing this at 2:30 in the afternoon...Yep, you got that right, I'm home again for yet another ice day.  Can we say "beautiful?"  (The only downside is that this time Alex had to leave for 4 days in Texas on a baseball trip, so he's not home enjoying it with me.  Boo.)

So what are you up to on this lovely Thursday?  I heard over 1 million students were home from school for a snow day today.  Are you one of them?



Jen said...

Ha, no snow down here in southeast Louisiana! I'm totally okay with that though. It looks fun and all but…yesterday I was in flip flops. And I like that.

And since when does Alex grow out his facial hair?!

Christy said...

I had a snow day myself...for 10-12 inches of snow. I did not put on real clothes, I planned on shoveling snow and an angel plowed my driveway. So I worked, chatted, watched tv, cooked, and attempted to relax.