Friday, May 30, 2008

Gone Pecan

Someone said to me recently, "You sound like you're living the life." My response: "I feel like I'm living the life." ...Ain't that the truth.

It seems like everything is going just perfectly for me right now, and perhaps I should be waiting for something to go horribly wrong, but I'm holding out hope that it won't. :)

Benjamin's visit to Louisiana was just plain amazing. We had boiled crawfish twice, so I'm guessing he liked them (even though my daddy did a horrible job with the seasoning, and shh, I didn't say that). We also hung out with my family a lot, which turned out rather well. Probably the highlight of the weekend was our day of fishing in the marsh of Pecan Island. I hadn't been out to the island since Hurricane Rita three years ago, so I was definitely stoked to see what it all looks like these days. Fishing, crabbing, shrimping, and alligator viewing proved to be quite entertaining. Thankfully, we were very blessed with some gorgeous weather, as well. Everything was just great.

As of Wednesday morning (5-28), I am officially moved out of our apartment in Thibodaux. It's quite an adjustment to think that I no longer have roommates. No more afternoons in the park, 7th Heaven/movie nights, queso and yogurt parties, or Beham Buddies. What in the world am I going to do? It's so depressing when I think that I won't see any of my T-boonies people until graduation in December. Maybe I'll have some time in August when I go for Graduate Day. Ah, one can only hope...

Tomorrow, Allie and I are leaving for Little Rock, Arkansas. We'll be working at a special needs camp there until June 27th. I am told that our internet and phone access will be inconsistent, but I shall do my best to keep in touch in whatever way possible. I do have unlimited text messaging, so please text me as much as possible. It would be exciting to know that people back home are still thinking about me, even though I'm away for so long. Everyone loves snail mail, too, so send me some. I also plan to continue writing here as much as I can. Supposedly, we are off 2 hours each day, 1 evening a week, and every Friday and Saturday night. (Camp is in session each Sunday afternoon through Friday morning.)

Camp Aldersgate
c/o Lauren Mouton
2000 Aldersgate Rd.
Little Rock, AR 72205

Oh, internship update. I received "rejection letters," as I am calling them, from Arkansas Children's in Little Rock, Methodist Children's in San Antonio, and Our Lady of the Lake in Baton Rouge. Don't worry though, I'm very content with this, as it has affirmed my choice to accept Boise's offer. Kim and I are now in the process of apartment searching--her more than me, of course. Plans are to drive up to Idaho in July, in hopes of settling our housing predicament. More about that some other time.

Just as a reminder, I'll give an update on my plans (or locations, lol) for the rest of the summer:
  • May 31-June 27: Camp Aldersgate in Little Rock, Arkansas
  • June 30-July 4: 4-H Camp in Pollock, Louisiana
  • July 5-12: Cross-country (West) drive to Idaho, one-way ticket home
  • July 14-August 2: Camp Bon Coeur (Staff Training/Camp) in Richard, Louisiana
  • August 6-10(?): Beach with Annie (Destin/Pensacola/Gulf Shores?)
  • August 28-September 1: Potential Labor Day weekend trip to Michigan/Ohio (?)
  • September 8: Begin internship at St. Luke's Children's Hospital in Boise, Idaho
Whew! I hope I didn't forget anything!!
Wishing everyone a great summer; please keep in touch!
Gone pecan,

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