Friday, May 9, 2014

Digging Out the Green Thumb

I thought my last post was a week ago, but apparently it wasn't (10 days) seems I fail at blog life these days.  Sorry folks.


We took off of work again last Friday (well, during the day - Alex had to work that night) with plans to spruce up the front yard flowerbed and plant our summer garden.  It was really quite a productive day.  We started with a trip to Lowe's Home Improvement to stock up on all the necessary supplies.

Long sleeves and jeans IN MAY????

Alex thought he'd help me pull out all the overgrowth in the garden and then work in the front yard while I did the planting, but I convinced him to stick around while I worked.  He trimmed the neighbors' bush that hung over our fence while I tilled the garden by hand and then planted our vegetables.  We restrained ourselves a little more this year, planting only tomatoes, (3 versions of) bell peppers, banana peppers, zucchini, squash, and cucumbers.  Hopefully the result is a little a little less "crazy," and a little more produce.

Ash (kitty) seemed to think we cleaned up just for her.

Sprucing up the front yard flowerbed took a lot more muscle than either of us expected.  The ground was a lot tougher, and had a ton of roots buried under several layers of replanting efforts.  We had to trade off a few times with the manual tiller, but it did the job and we were able to get a couple of new shrubs and flowers in the ground.

Didn't realize I was so decked out in LSU AgCenter attire - with some Aldersgate thrown in the mix!

I wasn't totally satisfied with how the bed looked afterwards, so we ended up going back for a couple more plants the following day (not pictured).  Now I just hope these last longer than the last set...

I guess we forgot to get a photo from the front - oops.

So that's what's up on my end.  We have also spent the last two weekends up to our eyeballs in home baseball games, but I'll share more about that another day.  My brother graduates from LSU next weekend, and I cannot wait to be with family and friends, enjoying some fresh boiled crabs straight from the marshes of Pecan Island.  Mmmmmmmm.


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Kara Miller said...

Look at y'all being little agriculturalists. LOVE IT :) So pretty! You must post garden updates!