Wednesday, May 21, 2014

He's a good 'un.

It is craaaaaaaaazy around these parts right now.  I really had no idea May would be so busy and I definitely was not prepared for the mental and physical toll it is taking on us currently.  All that being said, at least life is interesting, n'est pas?

We had a grand time at Austin's graduation last Friday, and of course the time with family and friends that followed was a lovely treat.  On Saturday, poor Alex ended up stuck at a 14 inning baseball game versus in-state rivals, and didn't make it to the party until muchos lateros (obviously, Spanish is not my forte - but I like making up words so go with it).  Warm temperatures and beautiful blue skies definitely added to the trip, as well.  

Mid-day on Monday, we found out Alex had to leave a day earlier than planned on a trip down to Mobile, AL, for the Sunbelt Conference (baseball) tournament.  We'd scrambled to wash clothes so he could pack the night before just in case, but assumed the team would leave on Tuesday as planned when we still hadn't heard anything before we left for work that morning.  Needless to say, that threw both of us for a loop because we didn't get to say goodbye to one another, and believe it or not...we haven't actually spent an entire week apart since we were married.  (Whaaaat?)

I also had a pretty sh*tty morning at work for various reasons (par for the course these days) and knowing I wouldn't be seeing Alex until Sunday didn't make my mood any lighter.  However, I should have known that Alex is a rock star husband would put together something sweet to try and make it all better...

*Cue sappy music.*  

When I walked in the door that afternoon, the house was in perfect condition, with a newly replenished 5 gallon water jug (do NOT drink the water in this town), a sweet note, and all the makings for a full belly and relaxing evening.  He even remembered to leave what's left of our dinosaur of a GPS system for my upcoming trip to NOLA.  

We've been gone so frequently that our fridge and pantry were down to the bones on options.  He made a trip to the store to grab some items for a few fast meals that I could throw together for lunch and dinner so I didn't have to live on week-old bread and peanut butter for the week.  And, as you can see, he even threw in my favorite candy - the a way to a girl's heart right there!

The guy knows nothing about wine, but he managed to pick my favorite wine out of my collection and stash it in the refrigerator, just 'cause (though I suspect he knew something I didn't).  Let's just say that bottle isn't quiiiite as full as it was in this picture...

I tell ya what, I married a good 'un.  

And now, I shall return to my task of packing for a conference in New Orleans that starts tomorrow...the end.



Anonymous said...

I love it!! Sucuh a sweet man, aren't husbands the BEST?!?
Also, mine makes up words in spanish all. the. time.
Hope your week alone goes well, you have the most clean fridge I have ever seen!!!

Jen said...

Way to go Alex!