Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I got this.

Not too long ago, I wrote about crossing off Goal #10 on my 20 in 14 list.  We recently closed out the last home series for the year and while I am looking forward to a more normal schedule for Alex, I am a little sad to say goodbye to the 2014 baseball season.  With these goodbyes also come well wishes for a few graduate assistants who will be moving on to bigger and better things, and eventually some hellos to new faces, too.

In the last couple of weekends, I convinced Alex to start teaching me how to score the game.  Yeah, I've been running the scoreboard all season (sometimes with better efforts than others), but I decided to up the ante and try to learn the language a little better, if you will.  I wanted RBI, 6-3 (1), FF9, Base on Balls, and L7 to be more than just jibberish in a room filled with some foreign language.

So, how'd it go?  Eh....I picked up a few terms, understand scoring a little better, and could probably read a score-book if necessary.  Can I enter the information in StatCrew (statistical program for athletics) or calculate earned versus unearned runs?  ...Doubtful.  BUT, I can tell you if the call was KS (strike-out swinging) or KL (strike-out looking)...on a good day at least.  AND, I might even be able to say if it was P5 or P6 before the beat writer for the local paper looks it up.

Mhm, yep.  I got this.

Alex seems to think I'll be continuing my studies with one-on-one tutoring during major league games this summer.  I might just take him up on that offer...

I mean, it's never to early to be prepped and ready to go for 2015, right???

I can just see it now...he'll print out the score sheet, and I'll heat the popcorn.  It will be a match made in Heaven.


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