Monday, October 20, 2014

7 Quick Takes (Vol. 8)

I promise, I will get back to writing in something other than "Quick Takes" and other linkups.  Last week happened to be a particularly busy one, so I just want to capture it all in this format.  

Sunday.  After Mass, we loaded up and hit the road, driving East for a little over 4 hours.  We had plans to spend the night in *undisclosed location* before a meeting for Alex the following morning.  It was still fairly early when we arrived, so we drove around checking out the area and then indulged in some very-unhealthy dinner at an *unnamed* fast food restaurant that doesn't exist in our area.

Monday.  While Alex was at his meeting, I spent the morning doing some work from our hotel room before heading out to explore a little more.  I enjoyed a delicious lunch at another *unnamed* restaurant not available in our area (this time a little more healthy).  It was a cafe-type setting, so I also sipped on some sweet tea while doing a little light reading.  Mmm...I could get used to that.

I also squeezed in a little shopping at the local mall that afternoon, before setting up shop at the Barnes and Noble (which we also don't have in our area, BTW) while waiting for Alex to finish.  Meanwhile, a terrible set of storms including two tornadoes passed through northeast Louisiana, so we decided to bite the bullet and cough up cash for a hotel room that night because driving through tornadoes was enough to send me straight into another anxiety attack.  Not to mention I'd forgotten to take my Bromocriptine the night before, so I was a little off kilter already.

Tuesday.  We made it back home to assess the damage (none to our home, praise God) and figure out our plans for the rest of the day.  The estimated return for our power was Friday at the time, so we discussed what to do with the food in our refrigerator and freezer.  In an attempt to get some work in, we decided to grab a quick bite to eat (we had nothing edible/meal-worthy in the house) which turned into an adventure involving numerous stoplights that were out, restaurants that were closed or with lines a mile long, and registers only taking cash.  What should have taken 45 minutes (travel/eating) ended up taking two hours.  It was a mess.

Wednesday.  We loaded up an ice chest and cooler with all our frozen food and I hauled it to my office, which is 30 minutes away and with power.  I also packed a bag with two nights' clothes and items needed for a meeting in Baton Rouge the next day.  We prayed the power would return so Alex wouldn't be stuck home alone without power that night, but at least I could get a hot shower in the hotel.  In all of this, most of campus was also without power, so Alex bounced around trying to get work done without access to his office.  While I was on the road that afternoon, we did get word that our power had returned, so Alex didn't have to spend the night in the dark afterall.  However, my dinner at Panera that evening followed by my first trip to Whole Foods was much appreciated.

Thursday.  One of Alex's grad assistants used our laundry facilities because her power was still out.  Campus still wasn't back on the grid yet, so everyone continued to scramble with getting work done.  The meeting in Baton Rouge went longer than I expected...par for the course.  One of my travel buddies convinced me that a pitt stop at Dairy Queen (also not in northeast LA) was much needed, and she was right...Chocolate Xtreme mini-blizzard for the win!  That night, it was nice to get back home and reevaluate the situation and our plan for the next few days.  Poor Alex was still eating sandwiches...that needed to change sooner rather than later!

Friday.  Saturday.  Somehow, I don't remember anything about Friday, but that's probably not a bad thing.  I worked Saturday morning, but eagerly looked forward to the rest of the day...My friend Dawn came into town; she, Alex, myself, and two of Alex's coworkers loaded up and rode out to Vicksburg, MS, for the evening.  The boys played at the casino, while Dawn and I visited the Coca-Cola museum (did you know there are three in the country, and I've been to all of them!), walked around downtown, happened into a super cute art gallery, and then shopped at the outlet malls. We picked up the boys around 7:30 and gathered together for a late dinner at a local restaurant.  Such a fun day!

Sunday.  If you're still reading, don't quit on me now.  After Mass, Dawn, Alex and I went to a cute little farm about 20 minutes away.  We jumped on a huge bouncy pillow, raced rubber ducks, rode pedal carts, enjoyed a hayride and train ride, navigated a corn maze, stomped pumpkins, swung on pipe swings, and the list goes on!  We had a blast!!  I think I'm going to be sore for a few days, though...ha!  And to finish off the day, we rode out to the famous sign that commemorates Tim McGraw's hometown.  Of course, there were many photo op's involved here!

Ya tired yet?  I am!

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Christy said...

I'm guessing the second undisclosed restaurant was Panera...or that picture was actually from BR.

And I know what happened on Friday---you were grumpy :)