Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What I Wore Sunday (Vol. 1)

What I Wore Sunday is a link-up I've seen others share, but I don't actually follow the host yet (oops).  My real reason for linking up this week is because I want to show off my new maxi skirt.  In case you didn't know, I'm, really short...5 ft even to be exact.  And, I'm not petite in any other sense of the word.  In other words, trying to find a maxi skirt to fit a shorty like me is next to impossible...or so I thought.

Until I came across this gem at at Kohls about two weeks ago.  If you do know me, then you know 98% of my wardrobe originated at Kohls.  In fact, I finally got my first credit card (at the age of 27...), and it's for Kohls.  Surprise surprise.

Anyway, most of my clothing comes from the Juniors section there, but this maxi skirt came right out of the Women's section.  Nevermind the fact that I do have to roll it once for length (aren't they all made that way?), it hits my toes just right!  Speaking of toes...check out my Candy Chevron style Jamberry nail wraps.  Aren't they cute?

So there you have it, What I Wore Sunday!  (And yes, I did actually wear that to Mass on Sunday.  I'm not cheating, I promise!)


P.S.  Credit for hosting goes to the ladies at Fine Linen and Purple!


Kara Holland said...

CUTE skirt! look great!!!

Jen @ Into Your Will said...

I literally was going to say the same thing as Kara! And that I'm jealous, because the New Orleans area doesn't have a Kohl's. I love shopping there when I visit my parents!