Tuesday, October 7, 2014

One Person's Trash: A Datevitation Coupon

Last fall, I came across Datevitation while reading a blog.  Seeing as how Fall is gift season in our house (three gifts for Alex between mid-November and the end of December), I thought I'd jump on the opportunity to snag something unique.  Plus, with the 1st Anniversary being "year of the paper," the coupon book really made sense.  More about what else I bought some other time.

This Datevitation coupon book seemed like the perfect way to give a whole bunch of gifts all at once, without breaking the bank.  Alex received five specially-designed coupons, redeemable anytime.  In fact, he even redeemed one of the coupons before receiving the book...oops.

A month ago, Alex finally decided to cash in on one of his coupons...a coupon I had been hoping he'd forget.  Yeahhhhhh...I created a coupon that I wasn't super excited about redeeming.  But, hey, all in the name of serving my husband, ay?

For one whole month, it was my responsibility to take out the trash.  Can we just say EW?!

How did it go?  Well, since there are just two of us in our house, we really don't have all that much trash...especially considering how much goes directly into our recycling bins.  Therein lies a problem; I could put off taking it out...over, and over again.  I think I only ended up pushing the can to the road twice the whole month, and only the second time because it was the end of the month and Alex insisted I finish off my commitment with a bang.  Of course, there had to be evidence:

Attractive?  Not so much.  Then again, can taking out the trash ever be attractive (unless, of course, HubbaHubbaHusband is the one doing it!)?

Whew, I'm glad that one is over!  I suppose it could be worse...one of those coupons says I'm not allowed to complain FOR A WHOLE DAY!!  Uh yeah...I'm out!


Note:  If you want to order your own Datevitation coupon book, the website is advertising 30% off and Free Shipping (not sure if those offers can be combined) for a limited time!  No, I will not receive any compensation or reward for your order.  Yes, I love Datevitation enough to recommend it even without any reward for myself!

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