Friday, November 6, 2015

7 Quick Takes, I Mean Links (Vol. 16)

I had every intention of posting last Friday, but we went to visit my parents for the weekend (well and, Alex had to work there on Saturday) and since we left on Thursday, I never did get myself together enough to make it happen.  It's kind of the same situation this week, seeing as how I am writing this on Thursday morning, and heading out this afternoon, taking some kids to 4-H camp for the weekend.  However, I have "takes" to share, so I'm determined to get them together before I go!

If you're a "cat person" who uses Instagram, then you must follow @millathecat.  She's kind of the most adorable thing out there; Alex and I get "all the feels" from her on the daily.


I have to give a shout-out to my awesome husband for a moment.  The work is not always glamorous for SIDs, but this beauty makes me proud to be the wife of one!  Such a sweet story he wrote.

Courtesy of

I have no hard feelings toward those of you in the EO business, but Kelly's post is just plain hilarious!

With just about three months to go before our little one arrives, I'm certainly in tuned to learning all I can from experienced mamas out there.  Jessi (The Budget Mama) hit the nail on the head with this one as she shared about using a toy rotation system.  I definitely pinned that post for down the road!

And, I'm super super excited to share Jen's news!  She shared a blog post on the day she found out, and I hope you'll all join us in praying for she and her family over the coming months.  (If you haven't made the connection yet, Jen and I are friends IRL - in fact, we were college roommates and have known each other for more than 10 years now!)

How's that for quick takes?  It's probably the quickest set I've ever shared!  I didn't win any prizes from Link-toberfest, but I had a great time holding myself to the goal of posting every week (ok, I skipped one, but this can count!).  Thanks for hosting, Kelly!

Whew, I did it! Time to throw together lunch and then head out for the weekend!  Have a good one, ya'll!

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