Tuesday, January 21, 2014

20 in 14

It may be nearing the end of January, but the year is still young and I have decided to share a list of goals for the year.  In keeping with the "2014" theme, I decided to include 20 goals in 5 categories for the year 2014.  I have never actually written down a list of goals for an entire year, so we'll see how this goes.

1. Write an average of 1x/week (or more!).
2. Practice telling my story in fewer words.
3. Use a real camera (not my phone) more often.
4. Increase readership.
5. Learn more about the bigger picture of blogging.

6. Keep a one-line-a-day journal.
7. Respond to e-mails more frequently.
8. Make an effort to reinvest in old friendships.
9. Host a girls' weekend.
10. Become a volunteer.

11. Designate a person-a-day in prayer.
12. Rest in faith with practicing NFP as we TTC.
13. Receive the sacrament of reconciliation quarterly (at least).
14. Register as members of a church parish.
15. Tithe to church (instead of non-profits) more regularly.

16. "Shop the perimeter" at the grocery store.
17. Learn to use my pressure cooker.
18. Have bloodwork done.
19. Color the gray away.
20. Receive a make-up tutorial.

Thanks to all of you goal-sharing folks who inspired me to get serious about putting something on (virtual) paper this year.  I'm sure time will fly by and it won't be long before we're reading recaps and year-in-reviews.  Only 344 days to go!



Kara Miller said...

I had to look up TTC...I must be too young to use this terminology :) I love a lot of these goals, especially the "Tithe to Church" goal...I started tithing regularly and it's amazing to see the work God can do in your life because of it!

And...I think I literally laughed out loud when I saw number 17. Maybe I will have to come to Monroe just to watch that.

Jen said...

I love these goals, Lauren!

Kristina said...

All of your goals are great! I love them because they're attainable yet important. #13 is one that I could stand to have as well. Good luck with all of your goals :)