Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Progressive Dinner: A Creative Date Night Idea

Inspired by an Instagram linkup with Kaitlyn at Wifessionals and Lauren at Wifestyles, today I am sharing one of my favorite creative date night ideas - Progressive Dinner!

Don't ask me where we got or the idea (probably some random Google search), but Alex and I are HUGE fans of Progressive Dinner, especially when we feel like we're in a rut, or have something special to celebrate.  So just what is this thing called "progressive dinner?"

It's exactly as it sounds - progressing through dinner - with a stop at a different restaurant/bar for each course of the meal.  We always aim for at least three separate locations (drinks/appetizers, dinner, dessert), but it could definitely be dragged out to experience additional "courses" (drinks, appetizers, salad, dinner, desert, coffee/drinks).

(According to Wikipedia, this could also be called a potluck if hosted at various homes, and in the UK, it is referred to as "safari supper.")

Due to the holidays and busy-ness with work, our last date night was probably in mid-December sometime. Toward the end of last week, Alex convinced me it was time for a date night and when I asked what we would do, he said he had it covered.  I went about my business with work on Saturday, trying not to wonder too much about what he had planned.  As it turns out, he resurrected our old favorite, the Progressive Dinner date, and off we went.

Stop 1:  Buffalo Wild Wings


Course:  Drinks/Appetizers
Alex had Bud-light on draft, while I enjoyed a delicious glass of Red's Apple Ale.  We shared some chips and salsa, and probably should have just stopped there...since we ate the entire basket and all.

Stop 2:  Genghis Grill


Course:  Dinner
Have you ever eaten at Genghis, or maybe Mongolian Barbecue?  This place is a cross between hibachi grill and buffet-style dining.  We really loved treating ourselves to Genghis in Little Rock, and were thrilled when one opened here in West Monroe.  It is so FUN to pile on the raw food, mixing and matching seasonings with sauces, then debating which "starch" we're feeling that day so the grill master can throw it all together and whip it up into something yummmmmy!

Stop 3:  Sweet Frog

Course:  Dessert
Let's face it, you can't go wrong with froyo!  Even though we were stuffed full to the brim, we went ahead and walked on over to Sweet Frog to finish out the progression as planned.

Creative date nights are great!  We like to take turns planning, and usually the other person is in the dark until we arrive at whatever the location may be.   The thing about Progressive Dinner is that it's different - as the enjoyee (as opposed to planner) it keeps me guessing, and it can extend the night out (because time spent eating dinner can pass faster than you think).  Progressive Dinners also provide time for couples to spend time catching up with one another, which is different than going to a movie or even doing some kind of recreation activity together (such as mini golf or bowling).  I'll say it again, we're huge fans!

I can't wait to check out other creative date night ideas.  Follow me on over to the #wifelifelinkup on Instagram to see what others have suggested!



Jen said...

Oh my goodness, I love this idea!

Anonymous said...

This is such a fun idea!!!