Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hood Rat Things

Back in the Spring (2013), Alex and I adopted two sibling kitties from the River Cities Humane Society for Cats.

This was taken the day we brought them home.

We named the boy Ace because he reminded us of the ace of spades, and the girl was named Asher, or Ash, for the gray color of her coat.
They were so tiny!

The two were totally adorable as kittens, and have been a great source of entertainment for us over the last several months.

Ace sucker punched Ash as the photo was taken.

As they have gotten older, they have become a bit more cuddly, but usually only when they are sleepy.

Yes, Alex enjoys the cats, too.

Recently, we discovered that Ash and Ace have made friends with as set of neighborhood kittens.  Alex told me a story about how he was startled one evening when he opened the garage and saw a group of five kittens staring him down, as if he'd interrupted some sort of gang activity.  We have since dubbed those kittens as our cats' "hood rat friends," which is a reference to this video:

For the full video, click here.

At first, I didn't believe Alex's story about how intimidating the group of kittens looked, but the I happened upon the group myself when we were unloading our garage from our 2-week trip.  I don't have a picture for you, but a quick Google search did just the trick.

And thanks to these "hood rats," Ace has been sick for the last week and a half.  Sneezing, wheezing, and being cuddly (the last one especially) is quite out of character for him, so we knew something was wrong.  A $150+ vet bill later, Ace was given an injection and has been sent home to recover with his sister.

...I still can't believe our cats have more friends than we do!

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Jen said...

Awww, they just have more LOCAL friends than you do ;)