Saturday, October 17, 2015

Seven Quick Takes (Vol. 14)

Back again to continue with the Link-Toberfest party over at This Ain't the Lyceum!  I may be a day late with this post, but it's NOT a dollar short because the link-up is still open.  :)

This week, Kelly is asking about my favorite blogger I met through 7QT and to be honest, I don't ever remember how I "meet" certain people.  If I had to make a guess and pick one or two bloggers that I *think* I first came across through 7QT, I would say Amy at All for Heaven's Sake and Rosie at A Blog for My Mom.  No hard feelings anyone, I'm making guesses here!

If you follow me on Instagram (@geaux_lauren), you have probably noticed I'm posting lots of food pictures lately.  Between loving on eMeals and "project-gain-(healthy)-baby-weight," food is high on my list of priorities at the moment.  My OB gave me a "come to Jesus meeting" on Monday about how I haven't gained any weight (in fact, I haven't even made up what I lost in the first few weeks) and it's going to get serious if I don't start putting some poundage on soon.  She said she never has to have this conversation with people, and I told her I certainly never would have guessed that I'd be the one on the receiving end of it either.

I feel like I'm eating, not hungry, and doing fine, but after reviewing some materials from a dietitian friend of mine (who is also pregnant), the fact of the matter is that I probably am not getting enough calories.  My diet has become healthier, especially on the snack front, and for this reason I really do need to make an effort to increase my caloric intake.  However, I'm committed to not eating crap for the sake of calories, and so things like avocado toast and peanut butter banana roll-ups are happening over here.

I won't waste your time rambling about the "busy" of this week's schedule, but after an overnight trip to Baton Rouge for a work meeting, it was SO nice to take the day off with Alex on Friday.  The poor guy has been working for basically 7 days a week since August and I'm super glad he was able to take a break with me yesterday.  And, we got a ton of things done!  We got the oil changed in both of our cars (one for free), had our cars washed by someone else (for free!), picked up a new harness for the dog, had (free) lunch at McAllister's, started registry research via Kohls/Toys'R'Us/Target, scored 4 adorable receiving blankets (for free), and still found time for a nap before taking in a ULM volleyball game and topping the night off with (free) ice cream cones at Dairy Queen.  Can you tell I how much I love free?  It was truly the perfect day and I hope it won't be too long before we can find time to make it happen again!

HUGE THANK YOU to Stephanie, Hannah, Megan, Jen, and Amy for sending information on the necessities of baby gear.  I printed all of your comments and will be using them to base our research in creating a registry.  Don't be surprised if I check back in again to ask about brands or styles as it relates to some of those bigger ticket items.  The options are endless and it make a big difference to hear from someone who is living in the trenches of using these items on the daily.  Again, thanks!

Remember how I mentioned LSU planned to roll out the red carpet for USC fans last week?  Well, they really did go all out.  In the days that followed, articles from South Carolina fans raving about their positive experience in Louisiana circulated on the internet like wildfire.  Here's one particular letter that struck a cord with many.

Two of my friends had birthdays this week, so it's worth giving them both a shout-out.

Congrats, Christy!!  She celebrated her 30th birthday on Wednesday, the 14th.  As tradition here on the blog, I've been working on a fun little "Dirty Thirty" post to celebrate her big day, but it's not quiiiite ready just yet.

Happy Birthday, Lendy!  On Thursday, the 15th, Lendy celebrated the big 3-1.  Lendy, I wish you all the best and hope you were able to find time in your crazy schedule to drink some good coffee, deviate from the fitness diet like a good Honorary Cajun would, enjoy crisp autumn air, and cuddle with your pookie baby.  Miss you!

Umm may be late October but we are still finding ourselves with 90+ degree temperatures and no end in sight.  It seems like it it hasn't rained since June and we've been under a burn ban for what has to be about two months now.  On Thursday, we broke records (previously 91 degrees) at 94 degrees, and some areas nearby reported temperatures near 100.  While the lack of humidity is AWESOME, I wouldn't mind if the cooler weather would stick around for more than 24 hours - that mess is just a tease!  Just wait, we'll be picking out Christmas trees in shorts again this year...

Until next time, ya'll!

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Hannah Gokie said...

Oh man, you're living the dream if your doc is telling you to gain more weight during pregnancy!! Due to all of my own intense only-fast-food-cravings I had, umm, somewhat of the opposite problem during Kate's pregnancy. Oops. :)