Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Dirty 30: Memories with Christy

It's time for another entry in my Dirty 30 series!  Christy celebrated her big 3-0 exactly a week ago, and she's more than deserving of a special spot in this series.

Christy and I met in February 2009 as we settled in for a semester of working as Program Assistants (fancy term for DC tour guides) at the National 4-H Youth Conference Center in Chevy Chase, MD.  She and I, along with seven other 20-somethings from across the United States shared a residence that semester, and boy did we make some great memories.  I blogged fairly often that season, so feel free to hop around and catch up on any of my posts with the following tags: DC, Warren Hall, tour guide, or internship (though some may be sprinkled with posts published before or after my stent there).

Currently, Christy lives in southwestern Ohio and works as a 4-H Educator and County Director in the area. An Ohio native, she received her bachelor's degree from THE Ohio State, and Master's at Purdue University.  Aside from her time in Washington, D.C., Christy has also briefly worked in Texas and Wisconsin before making her way back home to Ohio.  She occasionally blogs over at Traveling Soul.

Without further ado, here are some of my favorite memories with Christy:

30 Memorable Moments with Christy
  • Studying for the DC Tour Guide exam - 200 questions and even more pages worth of material to memorize.  Suffice to say we were all relieved when that was over
  • Hanging out on "the meranda."  Forget relaxing on the balcony of our three story Warren Hall, it was called The Meranda.  
  • Throwing notes to each other over the cubicle walls. 
  • To celebrate my first-ever official snow day, Christy taught me how to build a snowman!
  • ...And then we spent the afternoon sledding down the hill behind our residence on lunch trays from the Clover Cafe. 

  • Exploring Bethesda.  Whether it be an evening walk, or Saturday stroll, Christy and I made the two mile trek to Bethesda on the regular.  Restaurants, shopping, and even neighborhood parks were all a part of the fun. 
  • Playing Mardi Gras, eating King Cake.  When my mom sent me a care package for Mardi Gras, everyone went crazy for the goods.  Christy was most interested in learning about the traditions, and of course, enjoying the delicious king cake.
  • Watching J referee an ice hockey game at the world-renowned Chevy Chase Country Club.  To this day, one of the most bizarre memories I have from that whole experience.  It was my first ice hockey game (I didn't even know kids actually played ice hockey) and my housemate was the referee.  I think the parents in attendance were equally confused at wondering who the rowdy college-age bunch was and what we were doing there in the first place. 
  • Training Week scavenger hunt.  Our first real experience navigating DC on our own.  We barely even knew each other at that point.
  • Turning someone else's cake into my birthday celebration.  Leave it to your roommates/coworkers/poor (basically) college students to snag leftovers from a client's party cake and shape the icing into your initials so you could celebrate your 22nd birthday.

  • St. Patrick's Day Parade.  When in Rome DC, you partake in all the festivals...because, DC!
  • Cherry Blossom Festival - parade, pictures, pampering. 
  • Running up the down escalator.  Yep, you read that right. And no, it's not as easy as it sounds.
  • Warren Hall Olympics. When you live with 8 other 20-somethings from across the country, the entertainment possibilities are endless. 
  • Our day trip to Baltimore...trapeze school?!

  • Magaritas as big as our heads, on more than one occasion.
  • The Warren Hall water fight.  While I didn't partake, it was quite the view from the meranda that day. 
  • WMZQ Fest.  What could be better - great weather, 11 country music performers, and a girls day trip to Virginia??
  • P.A. Adventure Day:  lunch at Ben's Chilli Bowl, touring a real row house, and going to the top of the Washington Monument to celebrate before the new kids moved in. 
  • Paddle boating on the Potomac.  Again, because DC.

  • Leaving our mark in the concrete.  One day we're going to return and see if "WaHa '09" is still there.
  • WaHa Reunion weekend.  A year and a half later, 7 of the 9 original housemates reunited for an entire weekend...epic indeed. 
  • Pondering life at the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden. 
  • Playing leap frog on the National Mall. 
  • Showing you around N.C. State as you pondered grad school options. 

  • Letting you take shots for me during my bachelorette party. 
  • Sharing Nanna's gumbo with you. 
  • Hearing stories of your trip to the marsh with Stu Daddy while I got pampered for my big day. 
  • Watching you have a great time at our wedding. 
  • Reuniting with you nearly two years later at our work conference in Minneapolis, MN. 

While most of the memories Christy and I share took place in the Washington, DC, area, we still maintain regular contact (thanks, Voxer!!) and Christy remains one of the most loyal friends I have ever met.  Her "Dirty 30" celebrations involved last-minute free concert tickets to see Garth Brooks last weekend, as well as a spur the moment reunion with one of our DC housemates as he dragged her to a wedding in Indiana this weekend. I'm sure she'll continue the celebrations on her trip to Portland for a work conference next week.  Christy, I wish you all the best for many years to come!

Happy Birthday.

Love, Lauren

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