Monday, October 5, 2015

Halfway Baby! (Bumpdate, 20 Weeks)

Bump Update - 10/5/15

I really need to get Alex to take these instead...
How far along? 20 weeks

Total weight gain:  At my last appointment, supposedly I still hadn't gained any weight (from where I started, or from where I fell to, I don't know!).  The doctor says she's not worried as long as I gain about 5 pounds before my next appointment, which is one week from today!  I should probably check the scale to see if I need to binge this week or something, lol.  

Maternity clothes? More and more, when possible.  I still only have one pair of maternity "dress pants" (another is waiting to be hemmed), and wearing denim capris or shorts doesn't exactly scream "office attire," sooo I'm still making do with my regular pants fairly often.  Dresses with empire waists help a little, but I'm afraid I'm going to get bored with wearing the same thing before too long. Also, my regular shirts are starting to get tighter. 

Stretch marks? I really hadn't paid attention since the last post to see if this changed at all. 

Sleep: Same as before, mostly.  I really look forward to the time changing in hopes that maybe it will be daylight when I wake up least for a little while?

Best moment this week: The weather is nicer (80s instead of 90s)!  Amy finally had her baby!  Tessa Araceli was born Friday (10/2/15) at 10:46 a.m. local time (I found out after publishing my post on Friday).  And some interesting things happening here but it's not worth mentioning just yet.

Miss anything? With the weather changing, I could really go for a nice glass of wine on the patio (still not cold enough for hot beverages), but that's a no-go.  That's about it, I suppose. 

Food cravings: Still nothing.  One day I really wanted a snowball (never did get one!), but that passed and all the sno-cone stands are closing now so I guess I missed out there. 

Anything making you queasy or sick?  My sense of smell is still super alert so strong smells can go a long way in either direction.  And chicken is still hit or miss, probably will be for a while. 

Gender: We had our anatomy scan last month, so someone (the tech) knows what it is, but it's not us and not our doctor.  They won't even write it in our records as an extra precaution to keep from ruining it for us.  I like that! We also have a DVD with footage from the scan, but no one gets to watch that until after baby arrives. 

Labor signs: Ya know...I was really surprised to learn that Braxton Hicks contractions can start super 12 weeks gestation early.  I have definitely felt some round ligament aches, and once or twice I have wondered if it might have been some BH, but I really can't say for sure!

Symptoms: Since there's not another place to share it, I'll include it here.  The other day I dreamed about beef.  As in beef roast.  As in a plate of food!!  All I remember about the dream was was like the whole dream was trying to manifest itself as a craving of some sort, but I didn't actually crave beef so I still think it's kind of bizarre.   Also - the day I posted my last update, I *think* I felt the baby move!  It was almost so subtle that I could have ignored it, but after asking a few friends, I'm pretty sure that's what it was.  Yay!

Belly button in or out? Definitely in, though I notice my abdominal area becoming less squishy and more firm.  

Wedding rings on or off: Continued business as usual.

Happy or moody most of the time: I think the weather change has made a huge difference here.  We're busy but not super stressed, and so mood is generally favorable, with occasional accidental bouts of snippy.  lol. 

Looking forward to: A more pronounced bump, greater confidence in feeling the little one move, and maybe some interesting developments on the life-front.   

Hows Dad doing? "Dad is good.  Counting up to 20 weeks was fun.  Now it's really real as countdown from 20 to 0 begins."

18+4, I think.

Thanks for your patience in waiting a few extra days for this, thanks to Link-toberfest

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P.S.  I know for some this type of post can be uncomfortable, difficult, or just plain painful.  Please know that we recognize this and pray for those of you who may struggle with infertility (any variation thereof) and/or infant loss.  Our hearts go out to families affected by these struggles each and every day. 


Stephanie @ Blessed to Be said...

My bump looked just like yours at 20 weeks, and really popped around 23. :) So it's coming soon!! Yay!! So cute. :) And so exciting that you're pretty sure you felt movement. Wait 'til the babe gets super wiggly. So fun!

Rosie said...

Aw, you're adorable! My "bump" probably looks about like yours right now, and I'm 10 months post partum... Those abdominal muscles are doing their work!

Jen @ Into Your Will said...

My neighbor found a snowball "to go" in the freezer section at Walmart. It's made in Louisiana! So maybe look there if the craving hits again? Can't wait for the next bump update, because I'm sure you will really pop by then! :)

The Siberian American said...

So exciting that you are starting to feel movement! Yay for being halfway there! :)