Friday, October 23, 2015

7 Quick Takes...of Anger (Vol. 15)

Instead of rambling about what I've seen in the news or updates on what's going on in my life, I'm going to do something a little different with this post.  I'm in a foul mood this week, so I'm going for "takes" on topics that are really just pissing me off (sorry for the language) at the moment.  If you're new here, come back soon for something a little more positive. ;)

Hiring managers (or designated person in department reviewing applications, scheduling interviews, etc.).  It is really annoying that prospective employees are expected to follow 8637 rules about applying for jobs, performing in interviews, and following-up afterwards, when prospective employers don't provide the same value of respect to applicants.

A few simple tips, people:  Acknowledge receipt of applications.  Progress through the process in a timely manner.  Get back with people ASAP.

We get it - $h*t happens - and timelines never go as expected, but for the love of everything you-know-what, don't just leave people hanging!  These are real humans, with real families, and real lives you're affecting here.  Be respectful.  If I can process 200, 30-page volunteer applications, acknowledge their receipt, and respond to applicants (let them know what's missing, schedule interviews, etc) in the span of about 6 weeks, you can manage to contact 30 (and often times, much less) people in a timely manner.  It's really not that difficult!

The "all in His timing" or "the timing must not be right" comments.  It doesn't help, NEVER helps.  If someone is waiting for something, this type of comment NEVER makes a person feel better, or helps the situation in any way.  And, this is universal - doesn't matter if the person is trying to conceive, looking for a new job, seeking a potential spouse, etc. - no one gives a flip about timing.  We all so desperately want something, need something, and to comment as though timing has any part in the emotions of it all has zero positive effect.

So, please, next time you're trying to soothe someone, choose your words wisely.  Say, "Yes, that SUCKS," or "I am so sorry you're experiencing this,"  and even "I wish there was something I could do to make it better."  Do NOT say, "It will happen when the timing is right."  Acknowledge the pain, the difficulty, the frustration, etc.  Or hell, don't say anything at all.  A random act of kindness goes a long way too.

Mothers.  Not you, mothers in mother, my husband's mothers.  You have children, you've been parents, you should know better than to stress out a pregnant lady, especially your own daughter (in-law)!! Quit whining about your own "needs" and consider the fact that your requests, emotional waaah waaah waaah's are doing more harm than good and benefiting neither you nor the young mother-to-be on the receiving end of your requests.  In fact, it probably makes her less interested in communicating with you than before, and will result in you pushing her away rather than feeling closer. Good luck with that one, woman.

Weight management.  Everyone has issues in this department, right?  We all walk that fine line between too much and too little and good gracious that is stressful!  Last week, I was told to gain all the weight.  This week, the scale tips up 4 pounds and I freak-the-heck-out.  It probably lied anyway...but even two pounds in a week is scary when you could go 0-100 in no time! So, I pretty much have a hate-hate relationship with the scale at the moment.  Likely more to come on this in future posts... (Week 24 Bumpdate is just a little over a week away.)

People who don't follow through. It seems like I deal with people on the daily who just do not care to follow through with commitments, deadlines, etc.  And the worst part is that it's no big deal to them!  It must be a cultural thing or something, but seriously.  If I'm supposed to be somewhere, I will be on time or send notice otherwise.  I always keep important deadlines (even if I make it happen at the last minute).  How hard is it to be respectful of other people's time and effort?  Really, it's not.  I am surrounded by people who don't value these things and my goshhh it is so exhausting!

Hardwood floors.  This one is for the sake of randomness, courtesy of my husband (I asked for ideas to complete this list of 7).  I know I'm in the extreme minority here but I really do hate hardwood floors.  They are so gross - the little cracks are impossible to clean, and the flat surfaces always end up covered in gunk that won't go away.  They're also cold, hard (hence the name), and not cozy at all! If the area is not appropriate for carpet, at least go the tile route because those can at least be cleaned without an act of Congress (still cold and hard, though).  Needless to say, I will never buy a home with hardwood floors ever again.

Okay, take a deep breath because the rant is over (for now, hehe).  This week's Link-toberfest question is..."What was your most popular Quick Takes post?"  After a quick scan, it seems my very first post received the most hits, so I guess I was boring and everything went down hill from there.  If you're still reading today, thanks a million! 

And because this is could probably sum up this entire post and have saved you the 8 seconds it took to read...


You're welcome, everybody!  Have a great weekend!

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Megan Elaine said...

oh #2!! I completely relate. Your post was exactly what I needed today! I know its a vent, but it actually made me (who was just about to scream) feel much better! Thank you!

Ashley said...

Sending hugs and prayers, friend! :-)

Jen @ Into Your Will said...

Ooh, Lauren getting feisty! I LOVE IT. I was seriously saying "AMEN" with each take. The memes are hilarious too! Prayers, as always.