Friday, October 2, 2015

Seven Quick Takes (Vol. 12)

Well, see...I was planning to post a 20-week Bumpdate today, but Kelly over at This Ain't the Lyceum made Seven Quick Takes impossible to say no! She's hosting a super stellar giveaway called "Link-Toberfest" all month long!  Go check it out!

Did you know?  Seven Quick Takes has been around for SEVEN years as of today?! That's pretty cool!  My first-ever 7QT post was on December 6, 2013...almost two years ago! That was back when Jennifer at Conversion Diary was hosting and I didn't have a smart phone, so no fun photos to share from that post!

Ya'll, the weather here is GORGEOUS right now!!  I still feel like it hasn't rained since the end of June (burn ban for the win?) but FINALLY the temperatures are giving us a break and man it is lovely!  I thought surely it would be in the mid-90s after October 1st, but with the calendar change so did the temps.  Eighties still seem on the warm side, but I'll take it.  This morning, the low as 56!! Oh to be outside in the sunshine...

In honor of the new season, Olya shared her 5 Favorite Recipes You Should Try this Fall.  I don't generally get on the pumpkin bandwagon (something about Louisiana not really having a true "Fall" season), but MAN these Pumpkin Crumble Mini Breads look AMAZING.  I wish I could just call up a friend and be like, "Yo, meet me at my house tonight - we're making all the pumpkin!"

Ever since the food aversions started with this pregnancy, I've (sadly) not been excited about chicken, but this Sausage & Corn Chowder sounds like as super delicious alternative.    Hurry, pin the recipes and make them both this weekend!

In case you were wondering, Amy is officially 40w5d now and I, for one, am still anxiously awaiting their news /slash/ cheering for her on the daily!  I'm sure she'd welcome any extra prayers or positive ju-ju you might send her way!
And that unspoken request for us is still on the table, so please continue to keep us in mind.  Thanks!


Since I still feel like I'm cheating you out of a bump picture, I guess I'll cave and give you one from last week... Let this hold you off for now:

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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The Siberian American said...

Aww, thanks so much for sharing my post, friend! So glad the weather is cooling down for you-I know how depressing it is living the South and waiting forever for it to feel like fall!