Monday, February 16, 2015

(Dog) Parking for a Cache

As you know, baseball season started this past weekend.  The weekend before, it was sunny and upper-60s outside so Alex and I decided to take advantage of our last free Saturday afternoon (Note: I worked 5 hours that Saturday morning) and spent some time soaking up the sunshine.

We invited C.J. (the dog) along for our adventure at the park.  Poor guy hadn't ridden in a vehicle since he moved to Monroe over 2 1/2 years ago. Kiroli Park in West Monroe has a huge dog park with two sections - one for small dogs, and one for large.  C.J. had so much space to run around, that he didn't know what to do with himself!

It had been a while since we let him interact with other dogs, so we were a little nervous about how he might behave.  As it turned out, he mostly refrained from inappropriate behavior, and even made a few friends out there.  It was so fun to see him enjoying the freedom to run as far and as fast as he wanted.  If we had any time off during the nice-weather-months (which we don't), we would definitely be bringing him back there again.

After playing in the dog park, we harnessed C.J. back up and decided to explore some of the trails.  Then I had the bright idea to check out the geocaching app and see if we could find a few caches while out and about.  We made a full loop through the park before we located the only cache we could access, and then the hunt was on!

The cache was just slightly off the paved path, and in a huge box, so it didn't take too much searching to locate it.  Since it was placed by a Cub Scout troop, the coordinates were on point, and that helped a ton, too.  We didn't take anything from the box because we didn't have anything to place in return.  Ah well.

For both of us, this was our first cache in the state of Louisiana - yay!  If you haven't tried geocaching yet, get on it - it's so much fun!  Seriously!

...or just come visit us and we'll take you on a dog park/geocaching adventure (schedule permitting) ourselves!


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