Thursday, February 12, 2015

TBT: Our Honeymoon Cruise

In an effort to dig my way out of this rut, I'm going to feed Amy's request for stories about my adventures, starting with a recap of our honeymoon cruise.  Apparently winters are tough for me around these parts, because I went a whole seven months without blogging (Oct-May) before/after our wedding.  By the time I returned, there wasn't time or space to hash out the details of our adventure.

7-day cruise aboard the Carnival Conquest

Departing from New Orleans, Louisiana
with ports of call in Isla Roatan, Honduras; Belize Citiy, Belize; and Cozumel, Mexico 

December 30, 2012 - January 6, 2013

- 7 days in a row...alone, together!
- Our balcony.  I'd cruised twice before, but never with a private balcony.
- Ringing in the new year with 3,000 of our closest friends (ha).
- Alex won $100 in a "claw-like" machine thingy.
- Splurging via our onboard wedding registry.
(Definite WIN.  Bet ya didn't know those were available.)
- Food.
- FREE room service!
- Excursions.
(Zip-lining in Honduras, hiking the Mayan ruins in Belize, and taking a salsa-making class in Mexico)

- Being sick (both of us, at different times) on vacation.
- Fights with shady tour guides. (Ask Alex about that one day.)
- Did I mention being sick?
- Oh and, returning to real life, moving, and starting a new job a week later...

Next time:
- New ports!
- Someday, Alaska.
- Friends...everything is more fun with friends!

Yeah, so I'm pretty much convinced cruising is THE way to do vacation.  Who's in for the next one?



Jen said...

Ooh, me me me! We should totally go on one! It really is the best vacation. Now what I'm wondering is how it would be with 2 small children…(maybe you don't want us to go with you then LOL)

Christy said...

So catching up on your blog...and pick me! pick me!