Tuesday, February 17, 2015

#s 6-10: Relationships Category

I'm back for Round Two in updates for the category-by-category summary of my 20 in 14 goals list.  For Goals 1-5, click here.

And here's the snapshot of Goals 6-10 (Relationships Category):

6. Keep a one-line-a-day journal.
7. Respond to e-mails more frequently.
8. Make an effort to reinvest in old friendships.
9. Host a girls' weekend.
10. Become a volunteer.

So how did it go?  Of all the categories on my list, I feel this one fared the worst.  Overall, I am feeling really disconnected from people these days, and it's been quite a struggle to find ways to feel loved, supported, or encouraged by people other than my husband.  For this reason, I truly mean it when I say that I have enjoyed "meeting" those of you in blogland.

6. Keep a one-line-a-day journal.  This one was really fun, and I'm glad I included it on the list.  Click here to read a detailed summary of this experience.

Victoria and Dawn, June 2014
7. Respond to e-mails more frequently.  Other than e-mails for work and those coming in response to comments I leave on other blogs, I really haven't been receiving as many e-mails (also, texts/Facebook messages, etc).  Messages related to my Jamberry business have also dropped off dramatically, but that's better left for another day.  For this simple reason, I don't have very many "outstanding" messages to contend with.  Overall, I'd still say I put off responding immediately because it generally means I'll take better care with crafting my thoughts in response to said messages.  Vague, much?

Reconnecting with Megan and Richie, July 2014
8.  Make an effort to reinvest in old friendships.  I think I started off the year doing pretty well with this; I sent several hand written cards, made regular phone calls to catch up with girlfriends, and even had a few daily Voxer  buddies. (Don't know about Voxer?  Check it out - heck, send me a message because I love that thing!)  As the year went on, these efforts fell by the wayside, on others' parts, and mine too.  A huge part of this probably has to do with some struggles I'm dealing with emotionally.  When I made this goal, I hoped that if I committed to making the effort then I might be able to work through some of those struggles and find myself happier in the long run.  I hate to say it, but I feel more disconnected than ever and I don't know if I actually want to make the effort right now.

Scrapbook pages for Kara's wedding book, July 2014
9. Host a girls' weekend.  Unless travel fork work counts (which it doesn't!), this definitely did not happen.  Back in August, I experienced my first panic attack, and that has resulted in my lack of desire or ability to do any kind of independent traveling. People are busy and getting a bunch of folks together for any length of time is really difficult at this stage of life.  A girl's weekend would be super fun (and much needed), but I just don't think it would work for me to coordinate something like that right now.  But hey - if a bunch of you show up on my doorstep next Friday night, I'll crack open a bottle of wine and we'll dig out the chick flicks...come on!

Having a ball with Jessie, August 2014
10.  Become a volunteer.  This got added to this list (again) in an effort to become more involved with the local community, hoping to build some friendships.  I was also required to start volunteering as part of my annual performance evaluation at work.  Well, as all things have gone for life here in this locale, I didn't find success in becoming a community volunteer (in the way they wanted me to) or in making new friends.  BUT, I did find a way to volunteer (and enjoy it) with Alex's work, and you can read all about it here.

Hosting Victoria and Seth, October 2014
Aaaaaaand now that we're all depressed reading about my lameness, here's a small a pick-me-up:

Happy Mardi Gras, everyone!  Do something fun, eat all the food, and celebrate to you heart's content!


Jen @ Into Your Will said...

:( I'm afraid I haven't helped much with this...I've been pretty terrible at initiating lately but please please know I'm only a text/email/call away! Maybe I can visit with the kiddos one weekend while our hubbies are working...

But look at you, getting back into the blogging groove! Yay!

Kara Holland said...

Ditto to what this lady above said!! ^^You are back into the blogging groove and I love it! Oh, and I LOVED my scrapbook pages from the wedding :)That was such a sweet gift!

Rosie said...

I'm horrible about responding to emails! I keep thinking that maybe if I star them, I'll respond... And then I don't. So I mark them as unread... And then I don't respond... And then like, a week goes by before I finally do! So basically I should steal that resolution from you!