Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What I Am: 200th Post

Guess what, people!  THIS IS MY 200th POST!!  Woop woop!

After sharing here for almost seven years, thinking of how to recognize this milestone was a bit difficult.  I've made every list in the book at this point, including the recapping each year on my BLOGline (check it out if you haven't yet).  However, I wanted to make this point special in its own right, so I enlisted the opinions of a few of my fellow blogger friends.

Then I came across this post by Kaelene at Unlocking Kiki and it inspired me to think about what I am as a blogger, and what I am not.  For one, I am not a "Magical Blogger," by any stretch of the imagination.  And really, I agree with everything Kiki listed on her post, but in the interest of avoiding plagiarism, I created my own lists, as featured below.

Original photo by Katie H. Photography
What I'm Not
- perfect // I don't know everything about HTML, my graphic skills are (mostly) self taught, my stories are never concise yet always personal, I rarely schedule posts, and I don't always share the bad and ugly with the good or pretty.
- popular // I don't have hundreds, or even tens of followers, I haven't been nominated for awards, and I'm fairly certain others don't share my page with their blogger bffs.
- performer // My primary goal is not entertainment; I don't search out sponsors or offer solicited giveaways, I'm not going to show off the latest gadget or advertise products to gain followers.  I won't be doing back flips to hold anybody's attention just for the heck of it.
- photographer // I don't have a "fancy" camera, I'm not classically (or self) trained, and my blog is never going to be considered a work of ark.

What I Am
- me // I am Lauren.  I grew up in south Louisiana and am extremely proud of my Cajun roots.  I'm married and enjoy time with my husband as we navigate life together.
- average // Sometimes I execute creative or interesting outings; most of the time I don't.  Sometimes I travel to new states or fun destinations; most of the time I don't.  Sometimes I experience something really interesting or fun at work; 99.985% of the time I don't.
- busy // I work outside of the home (including lots of in-state travel), my husband travels for work on and off 8 months out of the year, neither of us live near our families or friends, and sometimes posting on the blog can be on the bottom of the to-do list.
- interested // I want to learn from the best of the best - how can I be a better wife and friend? Are there new hobbies I could learn, ways to be happier or healthier, more efficient, or frugal?  There are kind, generous, amazing bloggers out there, and I want to meet them...become friends with them...learn from them...become a better person because of them.

They say a blog should be the kind you enjoy reading, and the honest to goodness truth is that I enjoy reading blogs written by real people - people who share the exciting and the mundane.  People who write about throwing together dinner, watching television, discovering life hacks, and spending time with those they love.  It's like unscripted reality television (however boring that may sometimes appear)...

That's the way I like it.  And, (I think) that's the way it will stay!

So, if you're new here, leave a comment introducing yourself.  Tell me who you are as a blogger (and, if you like, who you're not).  What inspires you to blog, and what do you enjoy (or dislike) reading in other blogs?



Annery said...

Hello! I'm Annie. I'm a blogger (Annery at Home), a wife, a mother, an infertility sufferer, a foster mom, a work from home mom. I'm not a dish washer or a regular duster.

Sheena Tobin said...

Congratulations!! 200 is a lot! I don't know about you but the thought of writing a book is really overwhelming and not something I fantasize about but when you combine all the words in every post I've written, there might just be a novel there! Ha!